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blood test worry

Hi Doctor, I had my HIV blood test two days ago at the sexual health centre. The nurse overloaded the syringe and the blood was all over my arm. She immediately cleaned it with a wet tissue. She wore a pair of blue rubber gloves and used her finger(with the glove on) to clean the blood spot(where the needle wenit into). I started to feel paranoia. Will I get affected by this? I was sitting on thei mattress and lie my arm on their pillow, I saw a tidy dry blood dot on the pillow, what if the pillow was not clean? What if she touched something else with her gloves on and then touched my blood spot?! I felt too awkard to ask her this at that moment PLease help! Many thanks!

If my girlfriend has genital warts caused by HPV could I get them on my hands if I finger her?

It's only HPV type 6 if that helps.

red spots on my body after first time sex

hi i had sex for first time few months ago and now i have red spot all over my body. its started after sex.its not itchy or pain.size like shirt buttom and the first they wasnt too much but now its kind of lots of them.i know the guy and we didnt use condome.

Genital Herpes?

I have three red spots on my vagina that resemble mosquito bites. They are not near each other, they do no hurt, and they do no itch. I shaved down there about a week ago, but I would think razor burns would heal by now.

Hi I have chlamydia and i did not cheat on my girlfriend. Is it possible she got chlamydia without having sex with someone else?

Could she have got it spontaneously or does a women have to get it from another sexual partner?

My husband had a wart appear on his penis after being together for 3.5-4 years. He swears he didn't cheat! Is this unlikely?

At first we assumed his "wart" was a mole and never thought anything of it until I then had one appear during pregnancy which was a good 6 months into pregnancy. He later went to the Dr. and was told it was a wart so obviously he gave it to me since he had it first. My OBGYN said that it can lay dormant and it may have been from a prevoius partner. Then another gynecologist from the same office told me for a treatment visit that she would think there was an infidelity within a year prior to my wart appearing since I never got them in the pregnancy before or neither of us ever showed signs before either and that it wouldn't take 3.5 years to just show up when he's stressed out to the max. We were both under a lot of stress and exhaustion that year as well. I'm so unsure if I'm being naieve. ) = I read that there is an incubation period too. So why wouldn't he have signs until double the max incubation? I know his ex had supposedly had "bumps" frozen off per a mutual friend who warned me in the beginning of my relationship with my husband. Maybe that was what it was? Please help me understand this!

genital warts.

when i have sex with the guy i am with i get a bump or two down there and my virgina swells after too. but they go away within a few days. all my paps come back normal. i also had some white patches in the back of my throat, but it went away with a few days too. could i have oral thrush in the mouth and vaginal thrush down there cause it swells after sex? could i have a std. please let me know.

syphilis test

Hi doctor, i am a man, 26 year olds. i had a syphilis test (RPR and TPHA compo) after 9 weeks exposure. the test result is negative for both. I know that this test is not conclusive and i must re-test after 3 months exposure. However, i am confused now because after i did the 9 weeks syphilis test i took oral dose of azithromycin which treat for my current chlamydia disease. so whether such antibiotic affect syphilis test and the 3 months-test for syphilis which i intend to test will not be conclusive for me? if not which test is conclusive, how long i must wait for??. thank you very much doctor

Is it possible for an STD (for example chlamydia) to be recurring?

If you have been diagnosed, treated and then retested (with a negative result) for an STD such as chlamydia, is it possible for it to "come back". Or does it have to be re-introduced with another exposure?

do you test for Nongonococcal Urethritis?

received unprotected oral sex