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What's the chances of me having hepatitis hepatitis

I was drunk at a party recently and I snorted some cocaine with a shared note a few times apparently this person has hepatitis I'm scared now I may have it what is the likelyhood percentage wise. It's only like a week ago what can I do. I did have a couple of vaccines a few years ago but I never had the third. I'm really worried as I have started feeling shit.

Can using a flavored water based lubricant when masturbating cause infection/bacteria such as Chlamydia?

I recently have begun using a flavored water based lubricant while masturbating, can this cause increased risk or potential for UTI's or bacteria such as Chlamydia?

Can a man get an STD from having sex with a woman whose had Thrush?


Is it possible to recover from erectile dysfunction and very low sperm count problem? What kind of treatment will help? Plz suggest medicine

i am a student, my age is 22...i was addicted to masturbation...but i was unaware of the consequences. Now i am facing a problem of low erection as well as low sperm count...I think , my pennis doesn't expand to its original strength due to improper blood circulation through it...once i had urine infection nd my blood circulation was stopped through pennis ...after taking the medicine , it expanded in the same way before i started facing problem of size of pennis....I want to improve my sexual health...plz suggest me some treatments and medicine to recover from it...Thank u for ur help...

Could I get an STI from oral sex?

I have a boyfriend of three years, whom i lost my virginity to, beforehand i had been with 3 other men, i had never had sex with them or gave them oral sex, however, i had recieved oral sex off those three men, is there a possibility i could have an sti? which stis? and is it a low risk?

How accurate is an HIV rapid test at 5 weeks post exposure?

I got a rapid test at week 4 after a possible exposure and again at week 5 and both tests were negative and I just want to know how accurate are my results? Do I need to retest at week 6?? And again at week 8 and 12?? I have read on the internet that a rapid test at week 6 is highly reliable so would a week from week 6 make any difference?? Would my negative results change at week 8/12??

Can a person get infected with injury from an iron nail on the wall ? time between 1st & 2nd person getting hurt is 2 - 3 seconds.

I am suffering from OCD from the past 7 years . This incident occurred just a few days back and I am very worried. Good explanation will provide me a sigh of relief.

Am I infected?

My partner and I have been having anal and vaginal sex, and I've noticed that I'm starting to have a thick, white discharge. It also has a different smell than normal and has been a liitle itchy. I'm concerned about having a std. Any advice?

HPV question

I am 24 and have had 2 sexual partners total. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years (we both had only ever been intimate with each other). Since we had had no other partners and were committed, we stopped using condoms after a while (I'm on the pill, and we used the withdrawal method for additional protection). We broke up last year for about 7 months, during which I had intercourse with someone else (condoms were used each time). I am now back together with my boyfriend and my most recent pap was abnormal, and indicated that I have an HPV infection. My boyfriend insists that he was not intimate with anyone during our breakup, but it does not seem likely that I would contract HPV with condom use from the other partner. I thought that only the strains of HPV that cause warts could be contracted from skin-to-skin contact, not the types that can cause cervical cancer...? Can some please clarify? Also, should I start using condoms with my boyfriend if I did in fact get the virus from him, or does it not make a difference since I've already been exposed? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks so much!

I've had a single bump that looks like a pimple on my penis for several months. What could this be?

I'm a young, sexually active male. I've had about 7-8 different partners, always wearing a condom, but I have had them break before, and have had it break with a partner who to my knowledge has been promiscuous. I've had this bump that looks exactly like a pimple for a long time now; long enough to make me very nervous about it. It has turned into a whitehead and popped but never gone away completely. I'm fairly sanitary, but once in a while go a few days without showering. Could this be herpes? I live in Canada: should I go to my family doctor? If not, where do I go to get this checked?