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Can you spread oral warts/hpv by drinking after someone or closed mouth kisses?

Recently I developed a small pink/white bump on my upper gum. Its just one bump. My doctor looked at it and said it looks like a wart. He then told me about hpv and and that some types lead to cancer. That's about all he said. I then went to the local health department and seen the nurse practicioner there. She looked at it and said that it didn't look like a wart at all to her. So now I am about to see a dentist for a third opinion I suppose. But until I find out I'm worried I could pass it on to my family. I have been with the same person for 4 years and we have a kid together. My gf has no symptoms of hpv. I've read online all kinds of conflicting information. I worry about when my little girl tries to give me kisses near my mouth or if she eats or drinks after me that she might get it. Is it possible for her to catch it from me that way? My doctor didn't really give me any info on how it could spread. Thank you for any help or info you can offer.

I have a hard round bump that is sore and flesh colored on my labia it appeared overnight last night what is it?

I've had sex with 3 guys who all said they don't have any stds the person I'm currently sexually active with says he's been tested and does not have any stds but this just appeared I'm really worried but it doesn't look like any pictured if herpies I've seen and there is only one

will using a lubricant such as astroglide after having a yeast infection cause it to come back?

I recently had an encounter to what I believe is a yeast infection. My symptoms were itchiness one one labia, then came swelling and it hurt but it went away after 3 days. I believe my cause was because I inserted petroleum jelly as a "lubricant" without knowing it gave the risk to a yeast infection. So will using astroglide lubricant before i have sexual intercourse cause my " yeast " to come back or will I be fine?

rectum of 13years old boy is injured and sperm enter rectum and contact with blood,can immune system destroy sperm cells in bloodstream?

Hi.. if rectum is injured and sperm enter rectum and contact with blood,can immune system detect and destroy sperm cells that enter blood?, . if 13 years old boy has injured rectum and another person’s sperm enters injured rectum and contact with blood, Can the DNA of sperm get into my bloodstream from my injured rectum?please tell me can immune system detect and destroy another person dna of sperm and sperm cells in bloodstream?please answer me I’m worry .thank a lot -

Preformed oral on my girlfriend, 2 days later I think I may have a coldsore.

Hello, I have HSV-1 oral and I have had it since I was a kid. On Saturday, I preformed oral on my girlfriend. I had no visible sign of a coldsore at the time, nor did I have any symptoms. I'm sorry if I go into detail, but I only used my tongue and my lips didn't touch her vagina. Monday afternoon I felt a bump on the upper corner of my lip. It doesn't hurt, itch, burn, or tingle. Now I usually know when I get cold sores because I'll get some sort of symptoms. Now, my mother happens to be an RN and told me it could maybe be a pimple or just irritation from my lips being dry. What I'm trying to say, is it possible I could have given my girlfriend HSV-1 genital and what are the chances from doing that. Thanks!

pain inside my penis special in the head plus itching outside and inside

i dont understand sometimes i get pain plus itching and sometimes i dont get at all when i wear condoms which is not extra large when i finish i feel pain sometimes i dont feel pain.but no red skin, no swellen,no pain when i go toilet i get pain when i relax

after i had sex i didnt get my period & i had back aches is it possible for me to be pregnant?

i had sex & after 2 months i didnt get my period & ive been having all sorts of aches is it possible for me to be pregnant? we used an expired condom he didnt have an errection & he finished cumming outside

HIV Transmission from Sex Toy

I purchased a masturbator type product (Pocket pal) made of UR3. I used the product the next day. I did not wash the product before use. The product was in a box and in a platic bag, however, the plastic bag was not sealed. I did have some chaffing from use of the product. I am worried that someone may have used the product before I did and some material may have been left in the product as UR3 is very porous. I have had a sore throat the past couple of weeks.

How accurate is a HSV2 blood test 6 weeks after potential exposure?

I had a potential exposure 6 weeks ago. The partner tested negative 3 weeks post exposure but I have experienced discomfort in urethra (feeling of possible blockage) and at tip of my penis and random pain no rash or any discomfort to touch or no signs of blisters. I am concerned that I may be positive and not testing positive. What are the odds I would test positive at 6 weeks?

When to get tested

I have had two sexual partners over the last month. I have used protection at all times. My last experience was a week ago. I don't have any symptoms but would like to get tested just to be sure that I'm safe. Is there a certain time that I should wait to have accurate results?