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How conclusive are HIV PCR-DNA tests take 30 days after possible contact?

I had a sexual encounter with a woman who I later found out has been with several men in the last year. We used a condom for vaginal sex, but it slipped up my shaft to the head at the very end. There was also quite a bit of foreplay where the shaft of my penis was pressed up against her vagina without a condom on. She also gave me unprotected oral sex. I have no history of stds and she said she was tested 3 months ago and was clean. Since her last testing she was with 3 men including myself. I had a comprehensive std test at 4 weeks after possible exposure, the HIV test was the ELISA, all results were negative. At 5 weeks I had a HIV PCR-DNA test through your service and it also came back negative. Is this result conclusive? Is there any chance I have HIV? I had minor symtoms that only lasted a few days (dry mouth and canker sores) which i presume were caused by stress. I had no fever and was not tired or run down. * I understand the a test at 3 months is necessary to confirm that I do not have any STD's. I will take another comprehensive test at the 12 weeks post possible exposure date. I just want to know if you would concider this negative result on the DNA-PCR test at 30 days a conclusive result, if not definite what percentage would you put on it?

Worried on HIV transmission risk due to Analingus

I am a 39 year old male in India. A day back, I decided to opt for a full body massage from a male. I also had a big pimple burst on my back a day back and it was not completely healed. He massaged my back and then during the massage, the massuer licked my anus deeply with his tongue going in and also inserted his finger. I sucked his testicles and then after he also put on a condom I sucked him for a couple of minutes, though he did not ejaculate. He then proceed to suck my penis, after I put on a condom and finished with me ejaculating in his mouth. I am now very worried about hiv transmission due to the analingus and on asking the masseur, he was not ready to comment on his hiv status. He only said that he frequently provides sexual services to his clients. I am very worried now. Am I at a risk of hiv transmission? Do I have to get tested at end of 6 weeks and 12 weeks?

during an oral sex with an unknown lady my condom slipped and my pines had actually got inserted not fully though, how much chances of STD

I was having oral sex with an unknown lady, and accediently my condom slipped and latter i realized that my pines had actually entered her vagina, I wanted to know how much chances are there for me getting infected with STD, the lady is a mother of 2 kids and claims she had no relationship with anybody before this for almost 6 yrs.

Can Sperm go through clothes?


Pimple-like Bumps on Thighs

This is definitely not from shaving. It may be from extremely vigorous sexual contact, but other than that, I have no idea what the hell is going on. Here's an image of my left thigh:

What could be the cause of bumps/skin abnormalities between the vagina and anus?

The "bumps" so not have heads or anything. I've had them for some time now, and they don't seem to go away. It is almost like a rash. The skin is roughish, skin toned and pinkish. Almost "pointy". It does not hurt, but it is irritating, and can itch slightly at times, but only if touched. What is this? Can it be removed or treated with medicine? Is this anything to be medically concerned with? *I have only had one clean sexual partner in the past year and a half.

HIV from a Sex Toy

I purchased a masturbator product (pocket pal) and used it the next day. The product was purchased from a store and was in a box, however, the plastic bag that was around the product was not sealed. I did not wash the product before use. I used the product one time to orgasm. I did have some chaffing on my penis after use. I am afraid that the product may have been used before me and I am worried that I may have contracted something. I have had a sore throat the last couple of weeks.

when i cum no sperm comes out

While masterbateing I noticed I cum but there is no sperm why

can you get genital wart from someone giving you a hand job

I and went to a massage parlor and shortly after I developed gential warts

should i see a doctor?

I have a red but where the penis would insert. I am not a vergin and have had three partnes over the year. The but irritates me all through the day.