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I have a small, hard, white-colored bump on the underside of my penis...what is it?

About a month or so ago, I noticed a small, hard, white-colored bump on the underside of the penis at the base (about where the scrotum and penis meet). I thought it might be an STD, but it didn’t hurt or itch, so I figured I would just "wait and see." I got tested for HIV and syphilis, and am awaiting results. But now the bump is bigger, bullet-shaped, and somewhat painful and itchy. Any idea what it might it be?

I noticed some small cuts between by vagina and rectum after sex. What are they?

I had sex recently, and afterward I saw some small cuts on the skin between the bottom of the lips of the vagina and the rectum. The area burns and it’s very sore. I thought it was fully healed...but when I had sex again, the cuts opened up more. What is it? What can I put on it?

I think my last girlfriend gave me something that causes a bad smell from my penis. What could it be?

My last girlfriend had a horrible smell from her vagina. We had unprotected sex and now I seem to have something of that smell, too. I notice the smell a couple of hours after I've urinated but don’t have pain when I pee. I have only had this smell since I had a sexual relationship with this girl. I'm thinking of going to my local clinic to get tested, but would like your advice first. This is stopping me from getting another girlfriend and it's making me depressed.

I often see two “paper cut” looking slits on either end of my I have an STD?

I have had recurring vaginal problems for a couple of years. Almost every time after having sex, I become extremely irritated and have severe itching for up to a week. These symptoms are accompanied by two "paper cut" looking slits on either side at the end of my vagina. They’re not deep, but they’re about an inch long and they sting like wouldn't even notice them unless they were pointed out because they literally are on the first layer of skin. Also occurring sometimes is a tiny cut, like a small gash, in the same spot each time in the middle of my clitoris. It's like it just splits or tears down the middle. Is this an STD?

Is it OK to get oral sex if my discharge looks like cottage cheese?

I have discharge that looks like cottage cheese...and my vagina itches. But I have no other signs of illness. Is it OK to receive oral sex?

How do I know if I have a pimple on my penis or if I have an STD?

The other day when I was urinating, I felt a little bump on my penis. I squeezed it and a whitehead came out...just like a pimple. Since then, the "pimple" got bigger and irritated. It’s the first time it has happened to me...should I be worried?

Could you give me some ideas as to what these small, skin-colored lumps might be between my vagina and anus?

I discovered some small, skin-colored lumps in between my vagina and anus. They don’t hurt or itch, and my boyfriend seems to be okay. Could you give me any ideas as to what this could be? (I've been with my boyfriend for nearly five months and we haven’t slept with anyone else.)

Is oral sex with another woman a risk factor for catching AIDS?

Can I get AIDS from having oral sex with another woman? How can I prevent it?

Could I still be at risk for HIV even if my partner isn’t infected?

I’m gay and I like having oral sex with my friend. But I heard that oral sex can be risky for getting HIV/AIDS. My partner is free from these diseases…do I have anything to worry about?  

What’s my HIV risk if we’re both virgins?

I had sex with my girlfriend and didn’t use a condom. I didn’t penetrate deep into her vagina. She and I have not had sex with anyone before and I don’t have any symptoms. Could I still be infected with HIV?