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Sexually transmitted diseases don't always have symptoms


An all-too common misconception about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is that they rear their ugly heads in the form of itchiness, discharge or sores soon after infection. Unfortunately, this erroneous belief may lead to individuals putting of getting tested.

STDs like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and syphilis can hide themselves for months before manifesting themselves as a physical symptom, by which time an infected individual may have already passed on a disease to a partner.

These facts underscore the importance of regular testing for STDs. Individuals should receive testing each time they have a new sexual partner. This will help prevent the spread of infections and can potentially lead to better treatment of and STD, since conditions are usually easiest to treat when caught early.

The only way to fully protect against STDs is by practicing abstinence. Proper condom use is the next best thing, as well as staying in a monogamous relationship. But even partners who are in a committed relationship should continue using condoms.