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Sexual abuse may lead to risky future behavior for boys


Researchers at the University of British Columbia recently conducted a study which suggests that boys who are the victims of sexual abuse may be five times more likely to be involved in teen pregnancy when compared to their counterparts who had not experienced such traumatic events.

Additionally, boys who were abused had a three-fold chance of having multiple sexual partners, and were twice as likely as boys who had not experienced the trauma to forgo a condom when having sex.

Authors of the study noted that there aren't many studies on how sexual abuse may affect later in life. They also said that their findings indicate that boys may be just as vulnerable as girls when it comes to the long-term effects of sexual abuse.

“Parents need to speak to their sons about sexual abuse awareness and prevention, as parents of girls do. Boys may hesitate to tell parents about an incident if parents have misconceptions about sexual abuse – that it can’t happen to males," said lead author Yuko Homma.

Results of this study suggest that boys who experience sexual trauma may be in need of safer sex lessons once they get older.