Disabilities + chronic diseases

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Surviving a life-threatening illness or injury – or living with a debilitating chronic condition – brings with it a host of physical and emotional responses. We're here to help you heal, cope, adjust and rediscover what it means to enjoy rewarding, sexual experiences. Your sexual functioning may have changed, but there are alternate, creative ways to achieve sexual fulfillment and well-being.

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Can anal sex cause a bowel movement in a person who is paraplegic?
Thank you for your important question. Anal sex can be smooth sailing with a paraplegic partner, if you keep a few things in mind... First, use common sense. I would…
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My boyfriend is a quad. When I give him head, we leave his indwelling catheter in...is that safe?
Thanks for your great question. First, I'm glad to know that you and your boyfriend have found ways to give each other sexual pleasure, despite his physical limitations…
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I'm a C5 quad and my girlfriend wants me to stimulate her anus...is that safe?
Thanks for sharing your concern. First, it's quite common for people to enjoy anal stimulation...as long as you're both comfortable with it, feel free to explore. That…
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