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Since getting pregnant, I have vaginal swelling after sex...should I be worried?

I'm 3 months pregnant. Ever since I got pregnant, I get swollen "down there" after sex. What could be the problem?

Since my C-section, I can’t reach orgasm and sex is painful. Can you help?

I’m a 30-year-old female who had my first baby a few months ago by C-section. Before the birth, I was able to achieve orgasms, but now I can’t...and sex is painful. Could the C-section have caused this? My vagina, especially the opening, feels inflamed and burns. I’ve been diagnosed and treated twice now with a non-specific bacterial vaginal infection, and I’m starting to show signs of infection again. I’m getting really discouraged about enjoying sex like I used to before the baby. Any advice?

How do I get back to my old sexual self after having a baby?

I’m 41 and – after delivering a large baby (10 lbs., 12 oz.) – I’ve lost most of my muscle tone and sexual pleasure. My self-esteem and sexual confidence have also taken a hit. How do I restore my body and my self-esteem so that I can enjoy sex again?

Is it okay to have an orgasm while pregnant?

I’m 20-years-old and five months into my first pregnancy. Lately, I’ve have been experiencing some abdominal pain after having a heavy orgasm. Is it unsafe for my baby if I have an orgasm during sex or masturbation at any time during pregnancy?

I’m pregnant. Is oral sex safe?

I’ve heard that oral sex can be dangerous during pregnancy. Is that true?

How can I have sex with a pregnant belly?

Now that my belly is getting bigger, my partner and I are having a hard time figuring how to have sex comfortably during pregnancy. Do you have any ideas?

I’m pregnant...will having sex hurt the baby?

I'm four months pregnant and I'm scared to have intercourse. Will it hurt my baby?