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Sex + chronic Diseases

A chronic disease is a health condition that you or your partner live with for a long period of time. Common chronic illnesses include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or depression. Living with a chronic disease can cause frequent pain, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and, often present challenges to having a fulfilling sex life. Medications may take a toll on sexual energy and general interest. If you or your partner are living with a chronic disease, we're here to offer the support and information you need to take back your sex life and overcome barriers to sexual wellness.

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I have spina bifida and epilepsy. My medications are known to lower libido. Is there a test to find out if mine is lowered?
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm happy to offer you some thoughts on how epilepsy can affect libido...but I would also encourage you to speak with your…
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What do I need to know before dating someone with cerebral palsy?
First, I appreciate your honesty‚Ķas well as your courage and willingness to find ways to overcome your fears and prejudices around your friend's disability.The beginning…
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How can I enjoy sexual activity with my motor-nerve disease?
Thanks for your question. I can certainly understand how a motor neuron disease (MND) can present a challenge in many aspects of your life, and I'm happy to offer you my best …
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