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A cancer diagnosis impacts people in different ways...emotionally, psychologically and physically, all of which can affect sexual functioning. We're here to support you, and to answer your questions and concerns about sex and intimacy with cancer.

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Can chemo result in erectile dysfunction?
Thank you for sharing your concern for your boyfriend's sexual health. To start, I'm happy to know of his "win" over cancer…and I'm glad to offer you my best thoughts…
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I had a bone marrow transplant and hysterectomy and now I'm not interested in sex. Should I try testosterone gel?
Thanks for bringing your great question to us. I'm happy to offer you my best thoughts for your consideration…First, you're not alone. After a bone marrow transplant…
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Can we have normal sex after cervical cancer treatment?
Thanks for your thoughtful question. The period leading up to a medical procedure can be nerve-wracking. And while I'm sure your wife's overall health is at the forefront…
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