Sexual Health news - Hepatitis B and C

Researchers: Many missed opportunities to vaccinate high-risk individuals for hepatitis B


A team of scientists at Brown University recently conducted a study which revealed that more than half of high-risk adults are missing out on opportunities to get vaccinated for hepatitis B.

Authors of the study said that the healthcare community has clear guidelines on the factors that increase risk of the virus. However, a total of 51 percent of high-risk individuals in the study had not received the inoculation, and more than half of them had recently visited a physician.

"This is a really simple thing that we could do and if somebody ends up getting the disease because we didn’t make the effort then I think that’s really a shame," said Brian Montague, assistant professor of medicine in the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and a physician at The Miriam Hospital.

When left untreated, hepatitis B can cause liver damage, as well as increase a person's chances of becoming infected with HIV.

Individuals should remember to practice safer sex by using condoms properly and consistently and get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regularly.