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Researchers conclude successful trial on herpes vaccine


Herpes is an incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD) that causes sores on the mouth or genitals and heightens a person's changes of becoming infected with HIV. As a result, researchers are working on a way to prevent the spread of the herpes virus.

A team of scientists at Saint Louis University recently finished a trial which they believe may lead to an effective vaccine against herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1).

The researchers discovered in a study of more than 8,300 women that their new drug was effective at preventing HSV-1 in about half of participants. However, the inoculation was not shown to be effective at stopping infection of HSV-2.

"It's a big step along the path to creating an effective vaccine that protects against genital disease caused by herpes infection. It points us in the direction to work toward making a vaccine that works on both herpes simplex viruses," said lead author Robert Melshe, M.D.

People who are sexually active should remember to use condoms and get tested for herpes and other STDs on a regular basis.