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How safe is the family plan? Can sex during lactation affect the baby even though no pregnancy accure?

We had sex without condom of which my wife is breast-feeding (10 months old baby). I dont know if it will affect the baby.

Could I be pregnant from precum?

My period is two weeks late. About two weeks ago my boyfriend and I were fooling around. His penis didn't go inside me, but it was rubbing my clitoris. He didn't ejaculate but here could be a possibility of precum. Also, I'm not experiencing any other pregnant symptoms besides a late period.


I had an unprotected sex with a girl one day and pull out a month later she told me she was pregnant from my precum, could this be true?

Could i be pregnant from a guy fingering me with pre cum on his fingers even though he said he wiped it off??

I have candida and i hear that that can cause infertility so keep that in mind.

can you get pregnant from dry humping with clothes on

Well me and this boy dry humped with our clothes on and I came. I don't know if he did. I was wondering if I could get pregnant from doing this. I had on fitted sweat pants and he had on sleeping pants.

If semen is in the vagina and a finger is inserted, can that kill the sperms?

After my husband and I had sex during my ovulating period, I inserted my finger in my vagina. Now I'm worried that if I may become pregnant it might b possible that I have disrupted/damaged the semen inside me, and I'm also worried that if that's the case then possibly if I become pregnant then something might go wrong with my child from that incident. Are my concerns possible?

I has Unprotected Sex with my fiance On 7th day of her Period and ejaculated and gave her IPill after 2-4 hours will she get pregnant.?

I and My fiance had Sex on 7th day of her period and i ejaculated inside her vagina, After 2-4 hours she took an Ipill. Now on 23rd day she got her periods but its not normal like how she used to get before only thick thing comes out but there is no normal liquid flow and it stopped after two days. Is she pregnant.?

can you get pregnant if you only have your bf in you for 5 minutes and he doesnt cum

Me and my boyfriend just started having sex and he had been in me without a condom and I've been scared since but he wasnt in me long enough to.cum so could I be pregnant because I've been told pre-cum can get a girl pregnant

can I get a woman pregant if I been I take phyic meds since I was 18 when does ovalate in her cicle how many months is her pregant months

Let nd know the Anwar ok thanks

can i get my girlfriend pregnant right after she completes her period

Qewere having sex and she had just came off her period I've read that during ovulation pregnancy is more likely and I pulled put but I also know precum can contain sperm.I know precum isn't highly concentrated in sperm and it usually is left over sperm in the urethera and I hadn't gotten off in a few days