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Can a girl get pregnant by 'dry humping'?

I didn't have intercourse with my husband but we were Rubbing on each other with clothes on. He may have pre- cumed will this get me pregnant

can sperm travel through clothes?

Me and my girlfriend were dry humping, we both were fully clothes i had underwear and shorts on and so did she.But when we were done i noticed a wet spot on her shorts and there was one on mine too, so i quickly asked her to pull down her pants and there was a wet spot on her underwear but it was by her vagina, it was above a little bit below the top on her underwear. Im really worried she could get pregnant from this, please help. Thank you.

can precum get me pregnant?

i've nt being able to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend because i heard that precum can get me pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from pre cum and he pulls out before he ejaculates?

i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time , and im wondering if i can get [regnant from ot using a condom :/ , he had pulled out just 5 seconds before , and im hoping i have a high chance of not being pregnant ?.... :/

Can I be pregnant if my boyfriend pulled out half a minute before ejaculating.?

My boyfriend and I had lost our virginity to one another, and I am very nervous, well to a point of anxiety, it was unprotected but the last he ejaculated was two days before we pursued the..deed, and I was told urination kills off remaining sperm (he had many urinations)...Could I be in risk of anything.? God I am so nervous.

Is there any minimum age for masturbation?

I am 25 yrs old and soon be married but i have a serious doubt about my future sex life. I am masturbating from early age (i am not saying from childhood) and as i heard, if someone start masturbating too early, he may destroy his reproduction cells from his sperm and there is no treatment for this. Is it so?

Pregnancy before 2 days of period

I am a 27 year male and my gf is 26 years old. We had unprotected sex yesterday (which was 2-3 days before her period). It was our first time sex and happened in unplanned manner out of sudden impulse. I am quite sure that I pulled out before the ejaculation. Also, I gave her ipill within 5 hours. However, being unsure if some small amount of semen or precum might have remained inside her, I am kinda worried if she will become pregnant? How effective the ipill might be in this situation?

Can semen get through clothing?

My girlfriend let me somewhat dry hump her backside ( i was naked she was not).In the heat of the moment I ejaculated on the outside of my girlfriends bum. She was wearing pajama shorts and underwear. After I had ejaculated her underwear and bare bottom felt moist. Is there a way semen can actually make it through the clothing and get her pregnant? I know its a stretch because It wasn't near her vagina but I'm still curious. Or could the semen have made it to her bare skin?

Abdoman pain after dryhumping, pregnant?

I've dry humped with my boyfried a month ago. Since then I have great disorders in my abdomen. I can hear my bowles "working" and have a white discharge (creamy). I am very worried that I can be pregnant and It feels terrible. I have visited the doctor. The first time I was diagnostified with urine infection, than I had the antibiotic, but the pain didn't go away. I went again and the blood and urine analisis were OK. I have also had 2 other check ups and the doctor told me that I have a dispepsy.After some days (since the pain didn't stop I went again and made an ultrasound , the doctor told me that I have gases. (I blunch often) I've also done an ultrasond of my organs (both reproductive and others) and everything seems to be all right. I am afraid that the doctor (gyno) couldn't detect the pregnancy -5-week. And from physical gyno check, and I am a virgin. My abdomen still hurts, It is more discomfort than the pain and It gets worse when I eat. I have some sympthoms of hernia (my boyfried is a bit overweight so I think It may be from that) but I have no lump on my body. I am also very afraid that I can be pregnant (hope not) and I had period the next day (regular schedule) and the next month. So, I bleach often, have a white discharge (creamy),and an abdominal discomfort. I was also in a bad mental state for some days (afraid if I was pregnant)... Could I be pregnant form dry hump or do I have hernia? Sorry that I have extended my question but I just wanted to describe all the sympthoms. I would appreciate your professional answer cause I am tired of all these discomfort! Thank You!

Can sperm go through clothes and get a girl pregnant?

My bf and I were making Out and he was ontop of me. We were both fully clothed and idk if he ejaculated but a few weeks later I started my period but I have really bad lower back pain and someone asked if I was pregnant and I started to worry then I have been getting headaches so is there a possibility. (I've never had sex)