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Can you get pregnant while imitating sex with your clothes on?

My boyfriend and I were imitating sex with our clothes on... I was wondering if sperm can go through clothing?

can pre-cum get a girl pregnant?

last wednesday was the first time we had sex in months, i am suppose to get my period the following week on a monday or tuesday. we didnt use a condom but once he said he was about to cum he pulled out and he didnt so we put on a condom and went for another round.

can pre-cum get me pregnant?

Unprotective sex but pulling out

if a girl is wearing underwear and a boy sperm is fall on her underwear then would she get pregnent ??

boy is on her and his pennis is between her thais and just touching to her underwear and boy is shaking his peniz between her thais and sperm get out and her underwear just wet lightly and afterdat rshe checked her vagina some bleeding is flowing ...she thought that its just her periods but aftersome hours she checked again no bleeding is there ... and now both are very tensed about preganancy...

can you get pregnant from pre cum


Can sperm swim through clothing resulting in pregnancy?

as in dry humping?

my boyfriend is 22 but his semen is very clear and it doesn't squirt or anything, it has no pressure at all. is this normal?

I've read it could be to ejaculating too much but I know that's not what it is because he has a lower sex drive than alot of men I have met... and its not because of immature semen because of his age. And its not his sperm count because I'm pregnant... so is it just the way he's made? We have been together for a year and his semen has always been clear and with the consistency being midway between watery and gel like.

I get extremely sharp pain in my pelvic area along with my lower tailbone.

I get a sharp excruciating pain in my pelvic area on the left side and on the very bottom of my tailbone. When I get the pain on my tailbone I have an issue with walking, sitting and laying down same with the pain in my pelvic area it hurts extremely bad. Along with these issue my menstrual flow is usually a dark brown to black in color. I frequently urinate, and it is extremely painful during sexual intercourse, also frequent constipation, and pain when producing a stool. I've had this issue since I was 15 I am now 22. I told my former gynecologist endo runs in the family and that my mother had it along with my grandmother and aunt along with ovarian cysts, and she said there is no reason to have me tested, even though my mom's doctor highly suggests it. What should I do about this? I've tried taking Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and birth control pills to help with the pain like the doctor said and nothing has helped.

Can sperm pass through clothes to impregnant someone

Would like to find out the odds of that happening and are there any cases wr that has happened

Rubbing Penis

My boyfriend rubbed his penis near the side of my vagina and near my clitoris. What are my chances of getting pregnant? I'm worried as I've heard that precum contains semen. And what if he fingered me with some precum on his fingers? Will I get pregnant?