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can sperm pass through clothing?

My gf and i were kissing each other and she was nude, while i was wearing my underwear. a few drops of pre cum were released onto my underwear that might have gotten onto her vagina, but instantly after that we stopped. also, she had her periods around 25 days ago and is in her luteal phase, where the egg isnt present. she reassures me that nothing will happen, but i am genuinely concerned. are there any chances of her getting pregnant??

can you get pregnant through two pairs of underwear?

If the man ejeculates whilst dry humping, can the sperm get through both pairs of underwear and cause pregnancy?

Can a girl get pregnant if the man is wearing his underwear, the girl is naked and the preseminal fluid touches her through his clothes?

My boyfriend and I were about to have sex and this happened to us. I want to know if I can get pregnant that way.

can be pregnant without penetrate

not any

Can you get pregnant from precum?

My boyfriend has very good control of his ejaculations and we are very careful. I dont know if my period is late or maybe just early and Im worrying for nothing. Also I have a tilteed cervix so it seems that would make it even harder to get pregnant. Im 42, and have been careful most of the time, Ive only been pregnant once, with my son. It just seems it would take a miracle to get pregnant with all of this in mind, but who knows?

Can semen go through clothes and get me pregnant?

My boyfriend ejaculated on his shorts, I was wearing jean shorts and panties. Im afraid my shorts got a little wet with his cum. Could I get pregnant from that?

can pre-cum get you pregnant?

no not really

Can pre-cum cause pregnancy?

I have researched and found that pre-cum does not contain sperm unless it is picked up in the urethra from a previous ejaculation. Therefore pre-cum is not able to cause pregnancy if you pull out before the big bang. Is this information accurate?

Can a woman get preganant through her underwear?

My boyfriend and I were fooling around on Monday. I kept my underwear on and he only rubbed against me with my underwear covering my vagina. I am worried that it might be possible to get pregnant this way.

Can she still be pregnant

I had unprotected sex two days before her period. She is currently on her period, but I read that sperm can sometimes live up to 7 days inside her. Is there any chance that she could still get pregnant from this night even though she is currently having her period? Just curious.