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Am I pregnate?

So my boyfriend and I have been having sex a few times this past week. About 2 weeks ago we had sex and the condom broke so I took the next choice pill for the second time, and i think it worked because I got my period, but this period is only 2 weeks after my most recent period. Should I be worried about this? Then we has sex about 2 days ago and we didn't use a condom so I only let him in for about a min then a day later we had sex again and did the same thing but he put a condom on about half way through, should I get the pill again? Is my ovulation not gonna be for another 2 weeks?

What is the main ingredient to a steroid or particular pharmaceutical grade tablet to lower sperm count

2 years ago my partner was heavily involved in steroids on a weekly bases some weeks 3 times a week. He was also taking pharmaceutical medications as well. During this time i fell pregnant 3 times. Now the last i have been off the pill for 11 months, he has lowered his dosage for steroids and needs them to regulate himself and now he takes many peptides and pharmaceutical medications. why have i not fallen pregnant yet?? Is there something he maybe taking without knowing, or which key ingredient is the main one to kill sperm, is clomid good for him to take or is to much LH or FSH no good for him. PLEASE HELP !!!!

sex every day once or twice a day. semen drop 2 or 3. Is it possible pregnant with little amount semen? How can i produce more semen


wat are the chances of her getting pregnant? It was the 11th day of her menstrual cycle

I rubbd my penis near my girlfriend's vagina ..........i ejacultd and a little semen fall onr vaginal area bt she was wearing pyjama and a panty inside.....wat are the chances of her getting pregnant? It was the 11th day of her menstrual cycle

i want to know if ma gf is pregnant or not and if she is how can she get rid of it?

well,i had sex wid ma gf right after the day of her period ended.lyk 11/12th decembar of last year and she had her period started at 8th. but till now,she is not having her period.does it mean she is pregnant?for symptoms,she is having sudden headache and most recently slight feeling of vomiting,but she says,she's having liquid coming out of her vagina and its not licuria.i may not have put the correct spelling of LICURIA.sometimes she's having some blood with her stool.she had experienced it before also when she's close to her period. so if all of this suggests she's pregnant what best can be done to overcome it? though i can't explain,let me know you,we can't consult it with ANYONE.not even with a doc/any friend/relative.that's why i've chosen to be informed over internet.and if you suggest to do some tests to be sure of her pregnancy,please suggest the easiest but effective one.i beg your pardon for my bad English.

is it possible to get pregnant if the man pre-came on his pants than went near the vagina?

Just wondering if it's possible.

If I finger my girlfriend with a little pre-seminal fluid (precum) on my hand should I worry about pregnancy?

I had a good amount of precum developing on my penis. I adjusted my pants and possibly touched the wet spot. I do not remember my hand being significantly wet and it might have been completely dry. I fingered her a bit. Should I worry about pregnancy? I realize I sound like an uneducated teen asking this.

Is it normal to have negligible scrotal hair growth ?although they are a lot around penis..please see the details too

i have slightly loose muscles and have observed hairloss for the last 5-6 years..and they have decreased significantly.what frequency of masturbation can be harmful?does this have anything to do with my problem?

Can You Get Pregnant from Dry Humping?

My boyfriend and I were dry humping, he had on boxers and jogging pants, i had on underwear and yoga pants. Is it possible that i could be pregnant? Im not sure if he ejaculated, but i'm just nervous. I've been getting bad cramps but am a week late on my period.

Can precum get you pregnate??

Me and my boy friend were messing around and he stuck it in and then took it out is it possibe he could have precumed on me?