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Can sperm go thought cloths my GF said that it was wet where sperm was right on her vagina

i took my penis out and came on her vagina thought her pants and now she said it felt like it went thought and i did it right on the opening of her area

My wife has stopped menstruating, how safe is it to discard condoms?

We are a mature couple, and do not wish to have another child. She has already stopped menstruating. Is it safe to stop usi g condoms to prevent pregnancy?

can pre-come get you pregnant

My boyfriend and I recently had unprotected sex. It was only for a few minuets before decided it wasnt smart and He didn't finish in me. He also hardly ever has any pre-come but does precome contain sperm? And can it get you pregnant?

Can you become pregnant by pre-ejaculate after urination and through a tissue?

I was grinding with my girlfriend. She was naked, I had on boxers and three tissues covering wet spots (pre ejaculate).

Can sperm go through 4 layers of clouths

I was laying next to my girl and sperm came out i had pjs on and boxers and she had jeans and underwear is there anyway she could be pregnant?

can precum get you pregnant?

If you get precum on ur hands and after a little bit you touch the vagina can u get pregnant?

is it possible to get pregnant if semen gets on clothes?

i made my boyfriend eject and the semen got on my pants near my vagina area.

Tiny white and red bumps in my vagina

Ive got bumps that are tiny but there are alot in 2 different places for the most part. They are not painful, itchy or anything. Some are around the outside but you have to stretch the skin to see them. The others are on the edges of my inner labia...and those are different looking from the other ones more red i guess (harder to see for me, but small still but there are alot of them)...but still not painful, itchy...none of my skin is broken or anything. I just had a pap done and my doc would have said something if there was something wrong right? I am always super paranoid right after and before my annual visits, one day hopefully I will have peace of mind.

i am married since one year without pregnancy my husband semen analysis is count is 28million, 60%immotile abnormal is 90% what can we do?


is it possible to get pregnant if semen got on clothing?

i made my boyfriend eject and semen got on my pants near my vagina.