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Could I be pregnant?

Please help me. A week ago me and my boyfriend were 'fooling' around, but we both still had underwear on. However, he pulled mine to the side so i was bare and started rubbing himself on me, but he was still wearing his underwear. He put the tip of himself in me, for about 10 seconds, still with his underwear on, and it didn't look like he had any damp patches on it. He didn't ejaculate or anything, and then he removed himself away from me. Is there a chance that I could be pregnant?

Does "Precum" contain sperm? Could this make me pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have been using condoms and the "pull out" method while having sex. My period is late and I am experiencing common pregnancy signs but he has never ejaculated inside of me. I've been doing research and I came across the term "pre cum". I don't know if all men do this or if he did, but if he did I want to know could it make me pregnant? Or is my period just being weird?

Can you get pregnant through clothes? Please read the whole story :(

Ok, monday was my 21st birthday and me and my boyfriend went to a bar. I got drink and he didn't. When we have sex we always use condoms but i am not on bc. But this time we were dry humping but my jean shorts were extremely wet (sorry for all this tmi). Obviously he didn't have a condom on, he had boxers and thin pajama pants. I had the jeans and thin underwear on. We got a little carried away and he came in his pants. I quickly got up and was crying because I wasn't sure if any got on me. He told me he didn't get any on me and that when he did come there was only a tiny bit that even got to his pants so there was no way it would have gone through my layers of clothes to. As I was somewhat drunk I was getting really upset and then I started to throw up from fear. I took off my jeans and when I looked at my underwear there was only a wet spot from my own wetness. Im just freaking out that since my jeans were so wet what if some of his sperm traveled through the damp area and got into my vagina to make me pregnant. My bf seems to not be worried at all and I'm freakinf out, not seeing my friends or doing fun things! Please help, could I be pregnant? He said he didn't actually cum when I was on him, he tried to get up and run to the bathroom so it wouldn't happen in his pants but then he say back down when I was off him because he couldn't keep it in. If he really didn't cum when I was on him that makes me feel totally better, but I'm also worried if there's a chance he's just telling me that to make me relax. Everyone keeps telling me I can't get pregnant from clothes but I can't help but worry

Can I get pregnate if the boy rubbers outside my vagina but we have clothing?

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Can you get pregnant from Pre Cum?

I recently was having sex with my bf and when he pulled out he did the final ejaculation away from me, but were still worried that the precum would get me pregnant. Is this true?

Can a girl get pregnant from sperm touching the outer part or lips of her vagina?

I had dry sex with my girlfriend but didn't penetrate her, she's still a virgin. I ejaculated and quickly pulled away from her but I fear a little bit of sperm may have touched her vagina, is it possible to get pregnant from this?

What is decidual bleeding like? How can one possibly know the difference between a period and decidual bleeding?

My girlfriend got what seemed like her normal period around her normal time. But how can we be sure that it's her period and not decidual bleeding?

Can you get pregnant from precum

Me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom and he went in the condom then we did it again a few hours later and didn't use a condom but he never went again. My period is two days late. Could I be pregnant?

how does undescended testicles affect erection and hormonal level ??

a friend of mine had a surgery when he was young for undescended testicles and the surgery failed so he did it again as he is an adult now , so how well will his hormonal level get affected and is there any side effects ??

is it possible for me to have pid but no positive stds results

when i was younger i suspected having an std but was too afriad to ask for help at age 18 i finally had a pap smear that revealed i had baterial vagintis could i have had another std and not have been able to detect it because it traveled to my sex organs please help i want children in the future im 23 now...?