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Had sex last night with a condom, and then again 30mins later without. the 2nd time he did not ejaculate. is there any chance of pregnancy??

i have just finished my period, not sure if that makes any difference??

Can the pullout method work for me?

I'm 16 and a virgin, but my partner is not. He has been tested for any STDs and is all clear. I know that precum may contain sperm sometimes, but we don't really have any other reliable birth control options at this time. I need to know what my chances are of becoming pregnant from precum. I'm not worried for him ejaculating in me, he assures me he knows when it's coming. What are good ways to increase the chances of precum not containing sperm? Please help?

what can a paraplegic do improve his sperm volume and count?

am paraplegic since 2006. when tested the dr said i have a few live sperms and they are less active. what can i do to improve it?

Can you get "knocked up" by pre-cum?


Could I be preganant?

I got extremely drunk and had sex twice with no form of contraception. I regret it so much and I'm completely ashamed of myself. We D's use the 'pulling out' method but I know this isn't very reliable. I'm due on in about 6 days. If I am pregnant I will not be able to keep the baby and it will really upset me to have to abort it but it's the only answer. How would I do this? I'm only 17 and wouldn't want anybody to know. I've decided that when I come on I'm going to start taking the pill to prevent any worry like this happening again, even though I'm positive it won't anyway. Thanks.

does precum have sperm in it?

With out ejaculating

Can you get pregnant while wearing clothes?

My boyfriend and I make out a lot and sometimes rub up against each other. He's always had pants on or sweatpants and sometimes I'm in just my underwear. I was just curious about what the chances were.

getting pregnant after the contreseptive implant

I got pregnant before having The implant in and I had it in for the full 3years I had it taken out on febuary the 13th 2012 and hve been trying to conceive since then my periods have gone back to normal I was wondering what it could be I am 18 thanks Kay

Can a girl get pregnant through clothing if the man fully ejaculates.

We were humping. I was wearing boxers, gym shorts, and khakis. She was wearing cut off jeans and panties. There was a little stain on my khakis. I only stayed on top of her for about 30 seconds afterwards. Im really scared. We are both virgins.

can sperm pass threw clothes?

i had on boxers and cargo shirts with my penis in my waist band. she was wearing sweats and underwear. when i came the semen had soaked my shirt.