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Professor receives award for STD research

A University of Washington professor has been recognized with a prestigious award for his work on sexually transmitted diseases.

King Holmes, M.D., Ph.D., recently received the 2013 Canada Gairdner Global Health Award. He earned the award for his "global scientific contributions to the field of sexually transmitted disease and their effective treatment and prevention."

According to the Gairdner Foundation, Holmes' 45 years of cutting-edge research and application of epidemiological, clinical, laboratory and behavioral science to the study of STDs has expanded the scope of the field tremendously. Numerous clinical trials conducted by Holmes have led to diagnostic tests and standard-of-care therapies used today to treat and prevent such conditions as human papillomavirus, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital herpes. In fact, of the 35 known STDs, Holmes and his team have contributed to the research, testing and treatment of as many as 20.

The Gairdner Award is one of the most esteemed medical research prizes. Recipients receive a nearly $100,000 cash prize. Holmes said he would donate the financial reward to the University of Washington.

Holmes is the 10th professor from the university to win a Gairdner Award. Eighty of the 312 individuals who have received the award have gone on to win a Nobel Prize as well.