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Is it possible to get STDs by taking a shower with someone or just fooling around?

I’ve decided to remain a virgin until I marry to avoid complications associated with STDs and pregnancy. But I’ve met someone with whom I enjoy "fooling around with." I am wondering if I can contract any STDs from sharing a shower with him (his penis rubs against me but does not enter my vagina), or him using his fingers in me after touching himself.

Are sexually active teens at higher risk for STDs?

I have a friend who's 16 and sexually active...I was wondering if there are any physical risks involved in having sex that young.

Could I have an STD even though my Pap smear was normal?

I am sexually active and have been with more than one partner. Four months ago, I had a Pap smear and it came back normal. However, today I got a sports physical and my urine came back with bacteria. Since my last Pap smear, I have been with just one person and I know he hasn’t been with anyone else. Could I have an STD even though my Pap smear was normal? Do Pap smears detect STDs? I have not had any symptoms or problems.

Are there any health risks associated with anal sex for women?

I’m a woman, and I’m wondering if there are any health risks related to anal intercourse?

Is it possible to get STDs in a monogamous relationship?

I had unprotected sex before I met my current partner. I’m the first and the only partner of the person I’m with now. I recently went to a clinic to get myself tested and I have no STDs. If my partner and I just stick with each other (for sexual pleasure), can we still get an STD through unprotected intercourse or through unprotected oral sex?

I’m a gay man..what tests should I get on a regular basis?

I’m a 42-year-old gay man who is rarely involved passively (receptively), in protected anal sex encounters. My question is whether I should get certain medical tests/screenings on a regular basis. I check my HIV status regularly and I’ve received a vaccination against hepatitis B, but I’m concerned about the human papillomavirus infection, among others.  

My husband cheated on me...he used a condom, but am I still at risk for STDs?

My husband just admitted that he cheated on me a few years ago. I know that after he did, I got some type of infection that the doctor cleared up with medication. He said he used a condom with the other woman. Could he have transmitted an STD from her to me even though he used a condom with her? Second, I might leave long should I wait before having sex with someone new?