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Is it possible to catch an STD from contact with worn panties?

My friend of many years enjoys sucking on the crotch of my worn panties. Recently, I became aware that I am not the only dish on the table, which brings me to my question: if a woman has a STD, and my friend "dines" on her panties, is it possible for him to pass a disease to me through kissing or through oral sex?   

Could I get my partner pregnant from fingering her when I had semen on my hands?

Tonight, a girl and I didn't have sex...but we did everything else. We got naked, she gave me a hand job and I cleaned it up with my hands. Then I fingered her. Can I get her pregnant? There was a little sperm on my hands.

What’s in semen? Is it bad to swallow?

What exactly is in semen? Are there any benefits or risks to swallowing semen during sex?

Can I get pregnant from oral sex? Can I catch a disease?

I was wondering if you can get pregnant or catch a disease through oral sex if you use a condom?

Do STDs ever develop on their own?

If I had sex with my girlfriend, and neither of us has a sexually transmitted disease (STD), can an STD form on its own? Also, I’ve had unprotected sex with my girlfriend using baby oil, and now I have little pimples or blisters on the bottom of my head of my penis. Could that be from the baby oil? Or could it be something else?

When should I start seeing an Ob-Gyn?

I have several questions...First, when should a girl get Pap smears done or start to go to see an Ob-Gyn? I’m not sexually active, but I do masturbate regularly. Is there a right way to masturbate? Sometimes I notice traces of brownish discharge on my panties. And finally, is it possible to get an STD from eating off the same plate and touching the same food as someone who has an STD? (My friend has multiple partners and hasn’t been tested.)

Is it possible to get an STD from kissing someone?

I recently started dating after a divorce and it seems that each date ends with a kiss. Is it possible to get an STD from kissing someone? I always make sure she doesn’t have any visible cold sores, but I’m still concerned that I could get a more serious STD like HIV. I read that this is only possible if there is visible blood in her mouth (from something like flossing). Is there any STD that is transmitted via saliva?

Do condoms still work in the shower? What about under water?

Is it safe to have sex in the shower using a condom? Could the heat from the water damage the condom, or are there any other problems?

Do condoms protect against STDs during oral sex?

I’m a male. Is it safe for me to receive oral sex from an “escort” or prostitute if I wear a condom?

I don’t have any STDs and my partner says he’s clean...should he still get tested?

I had a medical exam with my gynecologist not too long ago and everything went well, so it’s safe to say that I have no diseases. A guy whom I currently see has never been tested for any sexual diseases, and he says he doesn’t have any. I trust him, but I don’t trust the other people he has been with. Is it necessary for him to get tested, too? Do we need to use condoms?