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Over the counter STD medications: Do they work?

When there is something that just doesn’t feel right after a one-night-stand or sexual encounter, many people may feel too embarrassed to visit a doctor or be screened for sexually transmitted diseases. People may seek remedies to their symptoms that they can administer in the comfort of their own home so no one else knows. But not only is that an ineffective way of treating STDs, it perpetuates the stigma associated with them that creates that feeling of anxiety some feel when receiving an STD test.

The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission are cracking down on marketers of 11 different over-the-counter STD remedies. Such remedies that you can get without a prescription don’t work and haven’t been approved by the FDA, according to the agency. People should seek a diagnostic test to receive a prescription for proper treatment for an STD. The FDA says that the claims and presence of the drugs are misleading to people who think that they can find a simple over-the-counter STD treatment.

If someone is exhibiting signs of an STD, they can seek testing from a nearby facility anywhere in the U.S. In order to receive the proper treatment and diagnosis, they must not skip this step and self-diagnose. Many STDs may not even show any symptoms, so all sexually active individuals should be tested regularly to ensure that they know their sexual health status.