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Online dating websites may not be the best matchmakers


Many individuals turn to websites these days when they find themselves longing for a romantic partner. They're often lured in with promises that the site's matchmaking algorithm can ensure that users will find lasting love.

However, long-term relationships often depend upon a couple's style of interaction and their ability to solve problems together, while dating websites typically gauge little more than an individual's personality or interests, according to researchers at Northwestern University.

"If dating sites want to claim that their matching algorithm is scientifically valid, they need to adhere to the standards of science, which is something they have uniformly failed to do," said lead author Eli Finkel.

Moreover, the researchers said that it may be impossible in principal for these algorithms to work because of the sites' limitations in gathering information.

People who look for love on the internet may have more to worry about than finding less-than-suitable partners, as CNN has reported that as the prevalence of dating websites has increased, so have rates of sexually transmitted diseases.