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New Thai restaurant combines safe sex message with upscale dining

Restaurants that are working with specific themes usually have an edge in the crowded dining scene, but very few of them decide to combine family planning and STD prevention with the traditional family dinner. According to The Oxford Mail, a new Thai restaurant dubbed Cabbages and Condoms recently opened in Bicester, Oxfordshire, with the mission of taking away the stigma of condoms by talking about them openly. Restaurant owner Wilas Techo, a native of Thailand, hopes that his establishment can open up the conversation about sexual health and make a difference in the community.

"People are still embarrassed to talk about condoms. One of the challenges since I have been doing this has been to desensitize people about the issue. We have to make people understand that condoms are made from the same material as a lot of other things," Techo told the news outlet.

While Condoms and Cabbages is the first eatery in the UK that will issue family planning leaflets with a party's check, the idea stems from Bangkok, Thailand, where many restaurants give out condoms at the end of each meal, reports The Daily Mail. The restaurant also sells condom-themed mugs, key rings and books, the sales of which will go to support a variety of sexual health charities and organizations that help individuals with sexually transmitted diseases.

However, while Condoms and Cabbages certainly has a unique message to send out to the community, the establishment has also received plenty of stellar reviews from food critics in the country. After all, a restaurant that combines delectable dim sum, condom giveaways and a slogan, "And remember, our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy," is bound to be a runaway hit!