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is there any exerices that i can do to make my penis bigger

i have a very small penis

Is it normal if I can only pull back my foreskin enough to just see the very tip of the head and if not, what can I do about it?

I'm 21 and a virgin.

There's this small lump on my penis, it's about 1.5mm wide. It's firm and hard. Any help on what it could be?

I'm 18 years old never had sex and circumcised. I'm just scared on what it could be. It's painless and no itching. I've done a bit of research but have no idea what it is. It's flesh coloured and located where my foreskin would be. Thanks any help appreciated.

Are drugs taken for erection of penis for sexual intercourse like viagra or similar harmful to health if taken 5 times a month ( 50mg )

Iam taking 50 mg from last five-six months. 5 tablets in one month , one tablet in a day only for five days.....will they harm me in any way..........

Anal Masturbation help?

I recently did anal masturbation with a marker and some vaseline. I was pushing in and out rapidly to try and feel any pleasure, but then I tooke it out because feces and blood were on it. I thought I put enough vaseline on the marker, but then this happened. Should I be worried about the cut(it's happened before)? And next time, how can I better prepare myself? I don't want to see feces and blood the next time I do this.

penis lumps

hi there i have had a red lump appear on penis about three months ago after i had sex with my partner,, we both became itchy and thought it was thrush as she is on antibiotics. i applied cream and it went away. its since come back twice. now i have one dominant red lump and smaller ones on the head of my penis i am using thrush cream but this time its not going away, its spreading further. can you help?

Does pre-ejaculate contain sperm and can it get you pregnant?

Des pre-ejaculate only contain sperm of the guy had recently ejaculated or does it always contain sperm? And what is the chance of a girl getting pregnant if the guy hadn't recently ejaculated?

At what age do men usually start having erectile problems??

My husband is 49

how can i impruv my timing in sex

wenevr i make phisical reltion i becm fall in 20 secnd so pl, giv me some advise ,,,

how could i make my penis large

i have dick that doest make my wife happy during sex