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What are side effect of ejaculation


how do i cure a yeast infection

My wife and I keep passing it back and forth. I feel that it's my fault. I'm uncircumcised how do I cure it

my penis is bent,when i have masturbation i have seen one tissue attached to my penis . If i cut that tissue will my penis become straight?

If i cut that tissue , what will happen?

can someone get back pain and baqck complications through having anal sex, if yes how does this happen?

am a gay man having sex who enjoys sex with men.

My boyfriend and I had sex while i might have had a yeast infection. Now he has a few small red bumps on his shaft, what could they be?

He says the bumps are kind of painful and didnt show up until three days after we had sex. and they showed up randomly.

Why am I having trouble maintaining an erection?

I'm 20, and have never had sex before...I'm in a new relationship, and I can't maintain an erection when my girlfriend tries to "jack me off". I have no trouble getting an erection, or orgasming on my own, nor do I have a problem initially getting an erection while with my girlfriend. Is it just nerves?

i am 21 years.i have very negligible hair on scrotum(loose)..and loose this a sign of low testosterone??

facing hairfall also

What causes a penis to bleed?

About ten days ago my wife performed oral sex on me. After this we had normal intercourse. When I went to the bathroom I noticed there was a lot of blood in my urine and I even saw something like a small blood clot. Although I was worried I didn't go to a doctor because I didn't feel any pain or burn. We waited 10 days and today again we started with oral sex followed by normal intercourse and again when I went to the bathroom I had blood in my urine. Not as much as last time, but I am now really concerned. It looks like the blood comes when I ejaculate and not with the urine. What can this mean?

Is it possible to 'burn out' your body from too much sex? My wife and I are healthy and do it almost every night. Is it bad?

Will it affect me in any adverse ways?

Can you help me why i m getting pain when i pull back my skin ?

My age is 23 penis is small in size(4 inch) and if i pull back the skin upto my head shaft while masturbation,i m getting little pain ?