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Why do condoms give me erectile dysfunction?

I can’t hold an erection with a condom on. What do you suggest?

To help my depression, I smoked pot…I stopped smoking, but I still can’t get it up. What gives?

I’ve been depressed for about four years, and I’ve been smoking marijuana to help me feel better. Since then, I’ve been having some problems with erectile dysfunction. Now I don't feel pleasure in sex and I don't get hard at all. I quit smoking marijuana about nine months ago, but still can't make my wife happy.

I'm overweight...could it cause erectile dysfunction?

I’m overweight by about 30 lbs. but my recent medical tests for blood pressure were okay. I am very sexually attracted to my partner, but I have a low libido and can’t seem to ejaculate. She’s frustrated and I don’t know what to do. What’s your advice?

Im 15 and i have tiny bumps under the skin of my penis is that bad?

Like when i do my own business i have had this for a while now but when i do pull the skin back i see more then one patch of it its not like covering it. Its is mostly all grouped together like a family so im curious to know if that is ad honestly i havent had sex or anything like that im still a virgin and well i have try'ed to get rid of them i even asked my doctor he says its part of puberty so im still wondering what it is.

what can i do to feel secure about my reproductive organ? its 7.5 inches long and 6.3 inches width. its a micro penis in relation to many.

from the videos and some of my friends, their penises are way bigger both in length and width. what can i do to feel ok with mine and is their any safe method of getting it bigger and longer?

Anal masturbation cause cancer?

I've been having anal sex with a toy, been told that anal sex causes cancer. I don't have HPV and have not been penetrated by a male. Thank you

ow can i get free of nightfall please tell natural treatment and it is normal or harmful

i have night fall problem i have to get free of this

One of my testicles is in my abdomen, what is wrong?

It's not where it should be, it's about an inch and a half up and right of my penis and there's a pain in my stomach if I try to move it at all (so I don't). Any idea what's wrong?

My partner has just been told he has AS..when we have sex im on top but he his never able to orgasm. He them feels like a failure. Pls help

he is in constant pain but has no problems getting a erection. When we make love it can go so long that i have to stop him. He just cant climax..He feels less of a man and i dont know how i can help him..I love him heart and soul but he is shuttiing me out and doesnt want to be a burden on me. Any suggestions would be greatfully excepted

How can i get an eriction ??

I am a paraplegic looking for away to get an eriction i tryed vigira with no results not sure what oter treatments or drugs are available to help with my disability..