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I am more interested in ass licking. what is that? Can i Try?

I am quite worried why i am getting this feeling.

will alchohol today effect the pills I took 2 days ago to treat Chlamydia?

Two days ago, I took a perscribed 4 pill dose (I forgot the name, but it was an antibiotic, 4 pills at once) to treat Chlamydia. I have not had any type of alcoholic drink for about a week before this treatment and the two following days after my treatment, because I was told beers (alchohol) can counteract the antibiotic I was taking. Well, we will be having company over tonight and I'd like to have a couple beers, will this effect the treatment I took two days ago for the Chlamydia? Thanks

Can precum get you pregnant


Is there a way to prevent urine leakage during sexual activity?

I'm 62 and had a radical prostatectomy at age 49. During sexual activity I sometimes leak some urine. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

I believe I have Paraphimosis, how can I fix this?

My foreskin barely retracts and when it does, there is a considerable amount of discomfort. There is swelling at the bottom of the head and the edge of the head has a purple-like colouring.

Is mastrubation is good for health?

I'm 23 years old.I have masturbate daily one time.Pls help me.

I am a boy 20 year old. I generally get upset cause my penis not so hard and erect and i go to the gym everyday and follow a good diet.

I feel really worried and upset when i see my male friends in underwear and see the size to be generaly bigger than mine. my penis is curved downwards and i find it difficult to have sex with my girlfriend cause at times its not hard enough. I have been working out in the gym since 2 years have a good slim body and follow a good diet and even then i face such problem.

Does long term use of Prilosec cause erectile dysfunction and impotence?

My boyfriend is 40 years old. He has been taking prilosec for last 3-4 years for GERD. While he was very sexually active in last few years, he has noticed a decrease in Libido. In the last year, he has noticed a complete lack of Libido and has difficulty maintaining an erection. He does drink 5 times a week. Stress levels have been the same for the past year, with no major change or no traumatic pyschological event. We are wondering if its because of the prilosec, and if he has decreased testerone levels due to this. I am aware that alcohol will cause impotence however, his drinking habits havent varied, nor does he excessively drink .

Can I watch Pornography on internet and do masturbation???

Hi.. My name is Asad and I am 20 years old... I am not married neither I am in a relationship with a girl.. Can watch pornography on internet...?? Can I masturbate...??? I want to know what should be a healthy masturbation for me? Should I watch nude girls on internet..??? What should be the frequency of watching porn and masturbation for me? ???

What causes the volume of my ejaculate to diminish?Can I increase the amount I produce? What lowers ejaculate volume?

Many medications today mention "decrease in sperm / ejaculate production" as a possible side affect (specifically Tamsulosin for me);mine has dropped considerably maybe do to aging, medication, stress or a combination. I reach orgasm and feel like I'm ejaculating and my wife says there is none? Can I increase the volume with herbs/supplements like l Arginine and Zinc and if so what is the most effective way? Are there specific foods that affect the taste: good & bad?