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Is there anything I can do to help solve erectile dysfunction?

I'm only 26 years old and I'm having trouble getting a full erection. I can still get to climax and ejaculation, but it seems like my penis never gets fully hard. Even at erection it still seems fairly soft and doesn't seem to be filling with blood completely, only just enough. What issues could be causing this and how can I help increase the blood flow/amount of blood filling my penis?

Why is it that my boyfriend never feels when he is about to cum or has cummed yet??


I am a male and I wanted to know is Libido or (sex drive) the need to ejaculate or is it just you drive yourself out loking for sex

is it a natural feeling or do i have a choice even if i dont wanna have sex.

what's this cramping in my lower right side of my abdomen?

I am a 22 year old man and I am taking antibiotic for chlamydia.Today will be day 6 for me taking this medication. I'll be do ne on 6/4/12. I want to know what this pain is

I'm not getting sleep after masturbation like before

I delay the masturbation to midnight, so that I can have sound sleep as well. These days, I'm not feeling sleepy after the ejaculation, I don't understand why. Is it something like, my body is not getting enough nutrients to produce endorphin? Please suggest foods if that's the case. Please note that oversleep (on previous day) is not the reason since i sleep 7-8 hours.

why can i not perform in the bedroom

my fiance lives and works in switzerland, i come over to visit more than i am in england. i admit i dont eat much out here as the food is expensive. i have lost weight since we got together 9 months ago. we dont get much time together and when i do get to perform i orgasm too fast and its all over in 5 mins. or, i cant hold my erection. i am at my wits end, please help?

Question about parialism underneath a cateogory of "mental disorder" and "paraphilia"

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR states such claims. I fail to see why a domaint urge for breasts for foot fetish connected to the sexual scope of the overall form of a opposite sex or same sex is somehow lumped into paraphilia meaning a disorderly attraction to inanimate or non-sexual objects. Does partilism mean sole attraction to non-gential body parts away from the whole of the person meaning face, other parts of the body and/or without regard to relationships of the person? How do they measure such things when people can loosely be attracted to such things body parts at random? Also how, having these dominat preferenes while being in a relationship, causes distress? If not the sole attraction is towards a body part much like an object devoid of anything else how would it be harmful? If it does why do people loosely use the words as if having a foot fetish or breast fetish is somewhat of disorder or deviant thing? Why haven't people fought to re-classify such things that psychadrists have kept today? these standards are not only incorrect but derogatory,hateful and misguided We've already done so for the prior notion of sex before marriage and homosexuality being wrong. Please let me know Thanks

i hade a problem

ok me and my girlfriend were going to have sex but i couldent get hard what happen and how can i fix it

what are masturbation side affects after doing it for years?

Hi. I'm a 16 - year old boy. I have started masturbation since 5 years ago. I do it every other day. I'm really regretful right now. Does it cause any sexual disabilities like early ejaculatory (or anything else)? Are they treatable? Can I be a father in the future?

My penis doesn't get that hard anymore and why do I ejaculate as soon as my penis enters the vagina area?

My penis is somewhat and it feels like I am about to come as soon as my penis enters the vagina area and i always ejaculate in less than 5 min. Usually when I was about to ejaculate I can hold it but now I can't. Please help.