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few month ago, when ever am with my wife my penis will not hard, if it hard within few minute it will fall and soft. what can be the cause

not really

intercourse time is very low

any remedy

pain when have erection

pain a vary start and until full erection, and have a hard lump about half way up pennis ,and when touch lump same pain happence,

if a man has enlarged prostate will this cause him to never want sex

My husband blames not having sex on his enlarged prostate is this possible

I am 25 years old.My sperm ejacuates with in few second when I see any porn with out doing any thing. Is it a serious problem? Solution?

I am about to get marry very soon. I am worried that how can I make my partner happy if my sperm ejaculate with in seconds.

Severe Premature Ejaculation

I am suffering from severe premature ejaculation. Due to that I am unable to penetrate into the vagina. I have enough erection to penetrate but the moment I try to penetrate, I ejaculate and erection is also lost. Kindly help or guide me to get out of this long problem.

I have hard white/yellow pepple like pieces under my foreskin, what are they

They are hard

How can i control premature ejaculation

Sir, i am a 20 years old boy but i am suffering in premature ejaculation i have 5.3 inches of penis size and 1.2 inches size of gonads but how can i increasesize of sexual organs i will take every day 1 banana to increases organs size ...... And also how years to take fully developed size of penis and gonads ... What is better time for intercourse in males i can expected more than 1 hour... Plz replay me as soon as possible because of i am a student i am not concentrated my studies... Thanking you

Pain during Oral sex.

When the Girlfriend gives me oral sex, I have these moments where, after a few minutes, my penis sort of.. I'm unsure how to describe it. It feels like a gradually increaseing wave of pain that I think begins around about the middle of the penis, and then becomes unbearable so I have to get her to stop. I've looked on standard health sites but I can't find the answer, because masturbation and the sex itself is in no way painful. I don't know whether it's a lack of experience or what. I'm really worried... Because I find oral sex to be highly intimate.

How To control premature ejaculation

I am 19 years old boy ii have average size of penis 5.5 inches length gonads size is 1.5 inches long but i am suffering in premature ejaculation but i don't no what is the reason ... Please replay me as soon as possible i am student i am not concentrated my studies.... Thank you