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Problem with my foreskin

Im 16 and i have a problem with my foreskin, i have read other people with problems of not being able to retract their foreskin when erect but i cant even retract mine when flacid, if i really try (which hurts) i can get it down about a quarter of the way but if i try any harder im afraid it will rip or something. seeing a doctor is not an option is there anything else i can do?

are orgasms healthy?

ive heard they are and ive heard they arent

When ever i'm with a hot and sexy girl, my penis liberates a fluid (siemen) a white fluid. I would like you to tell me is it normal or not?

I'm 21 years of age.

What could cause chronic urethral pain, exacerbated by ejaculation?

I tend to experience pain in my urethra (superficially in my penis, but more intensely in the "deeper" parts closer to my bladder/prostate), which seems to worsen with more frequent ejaculation. It's hard to describe the feeling exactly, but it's some combination of "sharp"/"stinging"/"burning", as if there are microscopic spikes or razor blades in my urethra. The majority of the time it's not too bad and I don't really notice anything besides a very faint burning sensation, but once in a while it can be quite uncomfortable and painful, particularly for urination. At the worst times, it feels somewhat difficult to urinate and very painful at the same time, and when I have finished I may feel an intense urge to continue urination, but I know there's nothing left. My first memory of this feeling was about 11 years ago when I was teenager. I'll be honest to state that I have never seriously investigated this with medical professionals, aside from mentioning it once to a family doctor who brushed it off as an "overly acidic body biochemistry" (which he related to another issue I was having at the time), which I was pretty sure at the time and definitely sure now had nothing to do with it. At any rate, the nature and severity of the condition has neither gotten worse nor better in the 11 years I've had it, so it definitely seems like some sort of chronic urogenital condition. The main clues I have about the cause is that, on rare occasion, typically when I have intense bouts of painful/constricted urination, I have noticed small white crystals in my urine. In fact, at those times I can often sense what feels like those particles passing through my urethra as they exit. Around those times, I have also noticed a white powdery residue in my underwear, presumably those crystals dried and crushed up. So, I'm guessing some sort of mineral deposits build up in my system and cause problems. I wondered about kidney stones, but I'm not sure my symptoms quite match up. In addition, I'm not sure that would explain why more frequent ejaculation exacerbates the pain (usually for several days to a week, before dying down again). I'm also a bit surprised that this conditon has stayed with me for so long and relatively unchanged. If it was some sort of biochemical imbalance, I would have thought that a varying diet and physiology over time would cause it to come and go, at least. Any advice greatly appreciated. And yes, I do plan on seeing a doctor soon. I've moved a lot over the last number of years and haven't had much time or stability to stop and look into it.

Why do I ejaculate so fast.

I was married and sex was good. Now I'm not and sex is bad, there a time lapse of more than a year after we split in which I didn't have sex with anyone.

Can I reset my sexual mind? I can't enjoy real sex because of porn?

I am 20 years old. I have used porn for at least 8 years, very regularly the past 4 years. I recently became sexually active and can't enjoy sex. I can only get hard for a few seconds and the feelings of pleasure are no where near what I experience when I masturbate. I stopped getting off to porn two weeks ago, but how long will it take to reset my sexual mentality?

What can I do about erections that do not last long enough for intercourse? Now I get anxious and fail sooner than later.

My lady gets turned off because I begin to rush things.

"Milky discharge"?

No burning sensation during urination, no major unusual sensations in the head of penis, have not had sex in roughly 30 days. Woke up and i noticed it. Has a semi pungent odor. Any ideas? Ive read uti and chlamydia are possibilities but both include burning sensations during urination.

does masturbation relates to weight loss??

I feel weak after masturbation. is masturbating once or twice a week is hazardous to the health? if not then what would be the reason for not gaining the weight?

about pain in glans

I do not make any relation in my life with any one but i am feeling pain in my glans one and half year ago it was started .i used Urine Track infection medicine but no result .my glans skin is ok no abnormal sign on it .i visit to skin specilst,urologist , med specilst . they ask me for urine test i have 04 reports they all are ok .I feel it mostly when at night i ejauclate after that i feel it more .and normal it feel by tuching hand on it i feel it in middel right of glans . sir please tell me what it is