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Could my recent circumcision decrease feeling in my penis?

I am an 18-year-old male and I was recently circumcised to fix a deformed foreskin. About a month ago, I had sex for the very first time and I couldn’t feel a thing – no pleasure, no pain – even though my partner was into it. I wasn’t able to ejaculate and haven’t had sex since, although I’m able to masturbate. Is it related to my circumcision?

How will having prostatitis affect my sex life?

I found out that I have an inflammation of the prostate called prostatitis. Can I still have sex with my girlfriend? Can she catch it?

How do I have satisfying orgasms after prostate surgery?

Since I had TURP surgery, my ejaculate goes into the bladder and is discharged with urine. I am homosexual, and now I don’t have the same satisfaction from orgasm that I had before. I do climax, but I find myself somewhat frustrated each time. Is there any way to improve this?

Does an enlarged prostate cause premature ejaculation?

My husband and I have been married 13 years. Sex has always been very good. But during last year, he comes very quickly. He has an enlarged prostate…could this have anything to do with it? Is there anything I can do for him?

Can depression medications cause low libido in men?

My boyfriend has been treated for depression for several years. Recently, he quit taking his medication to increase his sex drive, but that hasn’t worked. He hasn’t had sex in eight years. Is this something that will improve with time? What would you suggest?

Why isn’t my husband ever interested in sex?

My husband and I have been together for seven years, and he isn't interested in sex at all. He likes it about six times per year, but that’s all. He was tested and everything’s physically fine. It’s very hard on our marriage...I’m a sexual person and I would really like to be intimate with my husband. Please help, I don’t know what to do.

What can I take for a low libido?

I fear that I have a low sex drive. My girlfriend tells me that it’s not normal for a man to want sex only once a week or once every two weeks. Is there a medication or natural supplement that will make me want sex more often?

My libido is lower than normal…what gives?

I'm concerned that I have a lower sex drive than normal. After 10 minutes of sexual activity, I start to lose interest...and my erection. It’s embarrassing. I reach a point where I feel I've "had enough" even though I've not reached orgasm yet. This can occur before or even during intercourse. I'm recently divorced and concerned about my sexual future. What can I do?

Now that my partner takes high blood pressure meds, he can’t get an erection. What can we do about it?

My sweetie takes a medication for high blood pressure. Now he can’t get an erection or feel desire. If he is able to get an erection, it only lasts 10 minutes. It's very frustrating for me…I wear sexy lingerie and try other things, but it doesn’t help. Is anything we can do?

Does my husband’s habit of masturbating to porn affect his ability to stay hard during sex?

My husband is 37-years-old and he’s been having problems staying hard during sex for the last four years. I recently found out that he’s been masturbating using pornographic magazines for most of our eight-year marriage. Could his impotence be linked to this behavior?