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Is It Vitiligo

Hi I am a 42 year old man and over the last couple of years i have had a white area form on my penis, the colour is within the pigmentation of my skin and is not apparent to the touch or is it textured in any way, over the last couple of year the white area has spread very gradually. On my research from the internet it would appear that it looks like it could be Vitiligo and as i fall into the correct bracket for this, is there any thing else that it could be. i am very imbarised to go to the doctors about this, not to mention if i told my wife she would instanley think i have had an affar and our relation ship is delicate at the best of times

I'm having problems getting a erection with one women not others why is this? and I care about her and she is attractive

What could be the problem

I am gay and enjoy anal sex....can I still enjoy this after my TURP ?

I know that I will possibly, or almost certainly never ejaculate in the normal way again and thus it will "back fire" as it were into the bladder. It is now 6 weeks since my operation and my surgeon gave me the all clear to masturbate again which was indeed an odd sensation and did not feel like the normal climax. Will this improve a little in time ? Thank you John

how can i increase my sexual power?

what types of should eat to improve sexual power?

cannot maintain an erection after a night of sex ?

in total me and my gf had sex about 6 times during the night afterwards i found it very hard to get an erection and when i did it wasnt hard enough for it to penetrate.

What is wrong when penis is bent?

My husband says he thinks he burst a blood vessel in his penis. Since this happened his erections are difficult to maintain & much smaller. Also there is Avery noticeable bend in his penis. Please help.

i had sex with prostitue and at last 2-3 strok the condom broke and i explore inside her, i immidetly wash the penis with soap cn i be infec

Im from Kolkata, India. i am 25 years old singel, few days ago i had sex with a prostitute she gave me a bbj and after that i had sex with her and the last moment at the time of ejaculation the condom broke and my sperm and penis went inside her without the condom and i imminently took out the penis and washed it with general soap. is there a chance of getting infected and what should i do now?

my penis do not stand, no hardness come in it at the sex time?plz give solution

plz email me

Can I restore my sexual power and health if once i have waisted it in materbating for 20 years?

I am worry about my Penus ( because of mater bating its not so hard and my sperm is also not thick and i have to marry in 6 months and i think if such situation can lead me in to big problem with my wife . so at one hand i want to avoid the habit of masterbating and i am a bit failure and on other hand i dont know if i shall be again 100 percent fit like in my early age or not if yes then how .

whats wrong wit my penis

My foreskin alil swollen and painful