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i use testoviron without prescrptn twice a month I am 19yr and stillno facial hair. So i wantd to knw whether it will help having facialhair

I am a male 19yr old penis size 3inches when erect no facial hair and sparse pubic hair

I have what I think is 2 small white'ish looking warts on my penis just below the head , please can you help with this!!?

I've had several partners that I've had oral sex and unprotected sex with prior to .

i am having a bulge just above my right testis sometimes it will shrink and becomes soft sometimes it becomes larger and harder answer me


regarding regular masturbation

I am 22 male ,, I used to masturbate from my 16 ageregularly atleast once a day. Does it cause any problem in my marriage life…whenI used masturbate with my hands my sperm comes out with 5 min …when I masturbateby rubbing my penis against bed my sperm comes out within 1 minute..i want toknow weather I am suffered of premature ejaculation or not…daily masturbationleads to impotence or not… I am able to satisfy my wife or not ….sill Iam un married..pls send reply to mail sir i am waiting for ur answer

Why do i have testicles instead of earlobes?

It's really embarrassing, some people think they are ear rings as they dangle a lot; i just go along with it.

my husband is 30years old n before sex he has to rub his penis to make an errection which is not normal to me as his wife n m 28years old.

m 28years old n we both r married he never had natural errection during these 5years of our marital life.plz help me whats his problem.

What are instruments availble for penis enlargment?

I am intest/ attraction in men . How can change it

Please Help me know How can I make my Penis and Testicle become normal as before?

Dear All, My penis used to be very large and strong and testicles were the same. But I don't know how and why before a year my penis got shrink and my testicles started hanging and its skin became very soft like an old man's skin and even the sperm viscosity became very less. I am also facing the erectile dysynfunction. Please help me know how can I make it work like before? Thanks in Advance.

My Foreskin is attached to the head of my penis

I read somewhere that generally the foreskin detaches itself from the glans after a certain age. I am 23 and mine is still attached to the head, near the urethra's opening. When I am masturbating I don't have a lot of room because the foreskin doesn't retract that smoothly. I have to put in some effort to retract it so that the head is visible completely. Is this normal? Is there any thing i can do about it? Does this affect my size, I am just about 5 inches.

Is Mastrubation is good for health?

I'm 22 old,I mastrubate daily one time.Is Mastrubation is good for health? Please help me?