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is jelqing exercises good for a health

dear sir...i am 26 years old...erection time my penis size 3 inc i like to do jelqing exercises for big it good for health or any side effects is there???

I've been having this dry flaky scaly skin under the tip of my penis, and i'm scared its an std/sti.

I'm kind've freaked out since ive had it before and it went away. first saw it about a year and a half ago.

what is the best herbal product for ed

there is so much information on the internet pertaining to erectile dysfunction, i dont know what to believe or trust. i am looking for the best available herbal product for erectile dysfunction

Is too much masturbation good orbad 4 men

For years I have been a sex addict.and no matter how much sex I gets is I stil masturbate several times ad ay.

I have some problem with my sexual health.

My marriage period is three year but i have no child.

Want to ask about what sort of test a person needs to do if inorder to check the sperm is okay for having a baby?

Dear Doctor, further details is that i am married 8 months ago and i am woring abroad while my wife is living in another country i effectively stayed with my wife 1 month,normally i came back after every 50 days but some Lady doctor says that you have to be with your wife after ending the Periods (Mensus). I stayed for some time in that time,but i heard that even the single drop of sperm can make pregnant the women.I also makes the necessary test for my wife as well and the Doctor said every thing is normal and inorder you want that i will start any course you must have to be together with her.So I want to ask for my own health what sort of test that i should do inorder to check the sperm ? Also what sort of measures to take inorder to make my Holidays effective in terms of Pregnancy and to have more chances of becoming the Father. Your Advice is required in this regards and will be highly appreciable. Thanks for reading all this and looking forward for your response. Thanks and Best Regards, Malik

What are the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation to men ??

I would like to know can masturbation effect my sex life

when i have sex with my partner i will ejaculate with in a morethan 15 to 30 seconds after my penis entering into vagina

i am 30 years old, and i dont have any phisical illness exept this. so please tell me what i have to do long time intercource .

I had unprotected sex with a girl and I tiny red dots appeared on the tip of my penis. What can it be?

It doesn't burn or itch. It's just there. Is it the friction that causes this?

can precum get me pregnant?

the condom broke but he had pulled out immediatley. he said he didnt cum.