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Erection yes,- orgasm no.

I get lots of erection easily, as always, inspite of being 77 years old. However I have no sperm and nothing to come with so in due course the erection just flakes out. Most disappointing! There are loads of supplements for lack of erection but not for this.

my penis is very small, is it possible to grow my penis

it is short an has wrinkles on it , my age is 30 pls let me know if my problem can be solved. how much percent of such problem's are solved.

what is the sexual stamina for male and what is the normal size of a penis?

i am 21 years old and i do not last long, i masturbate(with a lubricant) sometimes but it takes hardly 30 secs, i am confused. also my penis length (erect) is 5.3 inches. next year i will be getting married to a girl a love, please do tell me what should i do.? thanks and stay blessed!

why are my testicals so cold they used to be really hot

When I was younger than 30 I was hard all the time. Sex wasn't an issue. Now I can't keep it erected. Me and my x are being sexual but its lost the feelings. If I do get erected its down in minutes. I don't even have the thoughts for sex. What gives.

Only a few minutes after achieving an erection I start to "leak" semen. When it's time for orgasm, it's very low intensity - not much left.

I'm 54 years old. I don't always take it but I've needed Viagra more often than not for 10+ years.

what causes premature ejaculation?

I had a friend who shared with me that he used to ejaculate shortly after penetration into the vagina. (1-2 minutes after penetration) He was so worried of having sex again, what could be the causes.

how would a sexual surrogate help with delayed orgasem?

I suffer from delayed orgasem and would liek some treatrment advice.

what does restimulation means

This is for my sex biology class. I am on the refractory period and this word came up.

What can I do to combat my erectile dysfunction?

I have been married for over 5 years now and my wife and i have had great sex. After a while, i wanted my wife to perform more foreplay on me, but she wouldn't. It became a turn off for me and I wouldn't achieve an erection for a while until i can get my mind into it. About a years ago, She said somethings to me that broke my confidence sexually. Even though we made love that same night and she climaxed, what she said still lingered with me. Now, I have such anxiety when it comes to sex that, when we start to have intercourse, I don't get an erection. Ill have one while giving her oral sex, ill have one when i masturbate, ill even have "morning wood", but for some reason, when i go to enter her, I lose my erection. Im very much attracted to her and i want to please, but i don't know what to do. It has become a cycle that i really want to break. Can you please help me.

I had prostate cancer & had to have it removed 12/10.Will I ever have an orgasm again?

prostate removed 12/10. Unable to get an erection. Viagra, Cialis, &Staxyn don't work. I did get a pump a week ago. This will get it up but I have to keep it in the cylinder.This is uncomfortable and embarrassing. I don't think I will be able to cum;but will I at least be able to have a dry orgasm if I play at pumping the pump? I hope you know what I'm asking! I just turned 60 on 11/2011. gb