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What are the likely causes of numbness in the penis.

I am a 50 year old male with a history of essential hypertension. I have not had a normal sex life with my wife for about two years. I am able to achieve an orgasm and ejaculation while masturbating, but am unable to achieve an orgasm during intercourse. One of the reasons of failure to achieve an orgasm, is the lack of sensation or numbness in the penis that I feel.

head of penis does not erect

i m a student of 21 years of age. i have an old habit of rubbing my dick with bed for sexual pleasure for over a i dont know how it happened, that the head of penis is not getting hard when i m exited.the shaft is performing its function very well but the head does not get hard. so when my penis is erect the shaft is very hard but the head of penis is like it is dead no stiffness, non is like a piece of rubber which can be moved on any side. i think it has happened due to excessive pressure on glans while rubbing dick with bed and now blood is not flowing in head of dick. now is there any way by this problem be solved. plz help me.

How do I last longer in bed? Are there any trusted and safe supplements out there?

My sex life is miserable. I always turn women away because I know I don't last long and it's too embarrassing when she finds I finish in 10 minutes. I need help! Thanks.

Can you get HIV from dried blood going inside the body?

This is a really weird question, so bear with me. Can you get HIV from putting something in your anus that may have dried blood on it? I'm not sure if this thing had dried blood on it, but I'm curious. If it were on there, it would've been on there for years because these objects have been in my house for probably twenty years.

Has anyone heard of this before and is it worth it to recruit help??

My boyfriend cannot have a proper orgasm. He has no problem getting hard, and no problem egaculating (very quickly) but his orgasms are explained as blah. Most, if not all, of the time he does not even know he has egaculated as there is zero sensation. The only time he feels something is when about 50% of the time he gets pain in the penis and stomach that happens almost directly after and can last about 10 minutes. He is very embaressed and has ignored my requests to go to the Dr. I am just wondering if it is worth going. Is there anything that can be done and has anyone heard of anything like this before?? (He is a 27 year old male)

Can squeezing the tip/center of the penis during ejaculation damage the penis ?

My girlfriend was giving me a handjob and as i began to ejaculate, she squeeezed the center and tip of the penis.I could feel my semen getting blocked and noticed a slight discomfort just above the base of my penis (between the lower belly and penis base area ) .Ever since then whenever i ejaculate , i notice that my semen oozes out rather than jetting out.Could the incident with my girfriend have damaged my penile muscles ? , which is why my semen is oozing out instead of jetting out ?

sometimes my husband says when he has an orgasm it doesnt "feel good"...that it only feels like he is peeing, what causes this??

My husband is 26 yrs old and Hispanic.


i'm to slov sex n i take madecation. n newvigor now my sex very slov

During sex, I usually premature ejaculate and I can't get it on again. What should I do?!

During erection, my genitals usually starts to get wet accompanied by premature ejaculation. I've been suffering from masturbation abuse for almost 7 years give or take. But now I stopped doing that. I really hope my sex drive goes back to normal.

Ejaculation during urination

Yesterday I was having sex with my partner but I did not get to ejaculate by the time we were done. All day long I had pain in my testicles (known as blue balls) but I did not think twice about it. I urinated a few times today without any problems. Over time the pain went away and I didn't think about it anymore. Just a little bit ago I went to the bathroom and I had bowel movement just like usual but when I was done I felt the urge to urinate again. At the end of urinating I felt the sensation that something else was going to happen, very similar to the feeling you get when you ejaculate, but much less intense. I looked down and noticed that a thick, milky, white substance was being discharged from my penis. Upon further investigation I realized that I seemed to be ejaculating however I have not had an erection since last night (when I did not ejaculate). The amount that came out was about the same as what would usually discharge during sex however the color was more milky and it seemed to be thicker much like a mucus. I have no symptoms or reason to believe that I should have any type of STD (STI). Is this a normal process that can happen when someone has blue balls? I am thinking that there was semen built up from last night and the combination of my bowel movement and urination had caused this "built up" semen to be elevated. Is this possible? Any help is appreciated. Thank you...