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Can you contract HPV through oral sex?

Hi, I heard from someone that you could get HPV or become a carrier of it without even knowing, and you can give it to other girls (From a guys perspective) is this true? Im not sure if I have it, I dont think I do, but I have also heard of this latex mask to use during oral sex on a girl i think its called a smodnoc, have you heard of it? What do you suggest?

I'm not sure how to proceed in life. 24 yr old male, no relationship, no drive to have one. Is this physical or emotional.

I am 24 yr old man wondering why my urges aren't pushing past my sexual worries. I was with a woman once intimately and could not get excited enough to perform, because of anxiety, I would like to have sex but not enough to find a girl friend or even pursue a relationship. Could this problem be testosterone levels. I have been a loner type person my whole life

I have a fixation where I cannot stop looking at women. Is there a way to stop this compulsion?

It makes people that I am around uncomfortable because I cannot focus on them when they are communicating with me. I just keep looking around, compulsively for women. There is nothing that I would rather see then a pretty face or the fine physique of a woman. Not art, not nature, nothing.

I use 2.5 cialis I can ejaculate if I master ate, but it feels more numb with my wife

can't ejaculate

when i ejaculate during foreplay and sex i am in excruting pain of which i am doubled in two what can this be as its affecting my relationsh


iam of age 20. i haven't masturbated till now. when i tried to masturbate, it appears to me as if there would be pain.please help.

in fear of pain, i am not rubbing penis too fast .there is no sperm coming out. there's only precum. i know that sperm would come out if we rub the penis at a fast rate. but i'm fearful of penis is uncircumcised. when i imagine sex with a girl with foreskin pulled back, it getting very harder and i have pain. but with foreskin without pulled back, its ok. please help.

Is it common to develop symptoms for Chlamydia for the first time, two years after exposure?

I have never had any sexual diseases before. My exposure that I could account for was two years ago. Now suddenly, I am experiencing symptoms for Chlamydia. Is that possible or is it more likely that I got it from a supposedly monogamous partner?

what is the cause of a stinging or burning feeling when masturbating and reaching orgasm?

I have multiple sclerosis and a neurogenic bladder. I rarely if ever masturbate at all over the last say 5 years, because i get a burning or stinging feeling when i ejaculate. My sex life with the opposite sex has been nonexistent for some time now. Plus i have always needed extra stimulation to achieve an erection. So I basically have NO sex life! I am attracted to a woman for the first time in years but am afraid to pursue it any further! It really SUCKS! What can I do?

is it normal to have sperm release during urination?

i am just 18 and i get that problem can u suggest me any solution for that?

What can cause blood in a man's cum ?