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Why couldn't I orgasm?

I don't really enjoy masturbation, and I haven't masturbated for around 2 months. Last night my girlfriend was giving me a handjob but I couldn't climax.

I feel aroused only when i feel that my partner is also interested in having sex with me.

I am 26 years old healthy man(physically) with no history of any acute illness in the recent past. I masturbate almost on a daily basis before sleeping by watching porn and rubbing my penis against the bed in the sleeping position.I am masturbating since i was around 13 years old.I am good looking and had received good compliments from many women about that, I was very much excited about sex and had a very good erection. Even if i had watched a girl in underwear i could easily jerk off by thinking about that till i was around 22 years old. I had my first sexual encounter when i was 17 years old.I never had a girl friend in my life and always had sex with prostitutes only.I am still very much interested in sex but am not having the kind of erection i used to have in earlier times.Now i get a good erection only when i feel that my partner is equally interested in having sex with me.Now the sense of touch matters the most.The girl is a turn off if she does not allow me to smooch her and also does not allow me to play with her pussy.Again i am having a good erection even though the girl is not interested if i am taking very negligible quantity of sex boosting drugs( say a 1/10th piece of a 20mg tablet) before having sex. i am very much confused whether this is normal or i need to consult a doctor.Please advice. Also suggest what king of food should be taken to improve ones sexual life.I am a pure vegetarian.

why would i lose an erection just before sex?

no problems are experienced while masterbating

why am i having a hard time getting an erection?

hello my name is jose and my girlfriend and i are wanting to have intercourse. the problem is that it is hard for me to get an erection. i don't know what the problem is and i don't know what to do. my girlfriend and i really wanna make love together but we can't with my problem. Im trying to figure out what i can do to get a full blown erection to were me and my girlfriend can have sex. i cant even penetrate her vagina and it is making me feel like less of a man. what could be my problem?

Premature Ejaculation

This is one of the most embarrassing things that iv had to deal with, yet i can't get a straight answer. I began lasting less and less long, too the point where i simply ejaculate without the need to even be touched during intercourse. I began getting anxiety and I'm unsure if the anxiety is the cause or just an effect of this problem. I have heard every method for lasting longer but i truly believe this could be clinical, but want some advice before i take further steps. Just some random points of information: I don't have this problem in the shower for some reason, i have tried keigals, and no matter what i think about it still occurs. PLEASE help

How to have good anal sex? Is unprotected anal sex with my partner good?

Anal sex

Why is there (what appears to be) blood in my condom?

I was having sex with my girlfriend, and after we were done I went to take off the condom and noticed some blood inside. It looked brownish. I looked and my penis was fine, but I'm worried if it was MY blood or hers. (she starts her period tomorrow) so that's the only thing I can think of. Please help, I'm kinda freakn out.

I am 26 year male. I face a problemof low hard & also not streight penis problem? Is there any permanent solution for a long time?r

while i exciting my penis is not hard and also not straight. Is there any permanent solution for getting rock strong straight penis ? With Best Regards

Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, Premature ejaculation. Can you suggest whether "ASP for Men" tablets are safe to overcome it?

Age 33 yrs... Weight 92 kg.... Slightly overweight....No medical hazards

How long is a man suppose to last during sex?

Does it make a difference if a man wears a condom during sex to last longer before he has an orgasm?