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I'm not epileptic, but when I choose to I can orgasm into a full blown seizure. I've done it for years. Is it bad for me long term?

Doing this requires some marijuana, but of no particular strain or amount (I don't take any other illegal drugs) and a accupressure-like technique that I instinctively know. From the point of climax, every muscle in my body involuntarily fires on full. This lasts 1.5-2.5 minutes. During this time, I can barely breathe or grunt out a word. Then my body slowly unclenches and goes into a shaking pattern. About 5 minutes from the point of climax, my body goes still for about 20-30 seconds before the second wave hits. The second wave is shorter in duration, but also uncontrollable. Past the second wave, I can control my body and overcome the seizures. It is visceral, exhilerating and very intense. I enjoy doing it and I am in excellent physical shape so my body can endure it, but is it bad for my nervous system? Is there a name/condition for this?

i get a boner while for play but once we start to have sex I lose my erection

i also have a hard time getting an erection while watching porn

During the last six months, I feel incomplete (urine) when I pee and it takes time. What should i do?

Generally it takes long time than normal to complete my Pee (urine). And most of the time the Pee remains incomplete. I have also gastric problem.

hi i have an healthy erection but once condom is put my erection dropsdown iam afraid pls help


why is there blood in my semen when i orgasm? Should i see a doctor for this problem?

i', a healthy 40 year old male with no alcohol or drug use and no health problems

What If you get cramps in your lower abdominal area during anal sex?

Every time I have anal sex with my partner I get cramps in my lower abdominal area. The cramps don't stop until he pulls out and it occurs every time we do it.

How to reduce masturbation frequency

Hi I am graduate student masturbating about 3 times a day, and don't know how to reduce that, my mind is concentrated on porn materials a lot of time so my studying effecincy going down and down. Is there any habit, type of food or unharmful medicine that I can use to reduce the excessive desire for masturbation. Thanks in advance

Wet Dreams

I had wet dreams, does a girl makes pregnant? Even with clothes on?

Why have I been having more intense orgasms when I masturbate?

I masturbate on a near-daily basis. For the last two weeks I've had extremely intense, full-body orgasms, as if I've gone a week or more without ejaculating - but I haven't! This is only a good thing, of course; even better is that it happens consistently, every time I cum. I'm just very curious about what could have caused it - obviously it's not from masturbating frequently, I haven't changed my stroke, I haven't lost or gained weight, I'm not under more or less stress than before - the only thing I can think of is I cut out cigarettes, but that was over a month before this started happening (and I was not a heavy smoker regardless). What's the most likely explanation for this very welcome change? Should I be concerned that it's some kind of symptom or should I just enjoy it?

does masterbation help you ejaculate more easily and frequently?

i dont have any trouble getting and maintaining an errection.i do have trouble actually having an orgasm.does masterbation contribute to or help this problem?