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after sex with my girlfriend i get a really itchy belly where her pubic region has been rubbing against me. how do i stop this happening?

free of stds and the itching lasts for a few days then goes away if we don't have sex in that time period however when we do have sex again it comes back. it has got the to the point where I'm itching it so much that I'm breaking the skin.

How many times a night people normally take to ejaculate?

Hello sir, I am 27 yr old with no known medical problems. i have been in relationship with this girl for past 2 months and when ever we indulge in sex i take around 30 mins of penetration to ejaculate the first time and around 40 mins during the second time we have sex. During the intercourse she experiences lot of pain due to continuous penetration due to which sometimes we even have to stop doing it. Also after indulging in the act twice it becomes impossible for me to get an erection the third time. i have been masturbating since i was 19 once every night. Please suggest if i need to get myself checked for anything.

I can’t figure it out. What’s going on?

I’m a 64-year-old male in very good physical condition, but I don’t seem to ejaculate consistently. I have sex about 3-4 times per week.can keep my erection for a long period most sesions are or 3 to 4 hours, I’ll have sex and be able to ejaculate one week and then nothing the next week. I can’t figure it out. What’s going on? I also need to musterbate to get the final blow, only because my partner is constantly wet,, can you advice as to how i can improve the situation Thanks

im 37 have a very small penis. 2" soft 4.5" erect. i have very little confidents to meet women because of it. what should i do ????

i can get an erection when masterbating but not when im with someone. its been 18 months since ive been with someone cause ive lost my confidents to be with women.

using viagra

i want to give my gf better blowjobs...huge cumshots...can i use a viagra for that??my sperm count is low

White bumbs on penis shaft, what are they?

31 yrs old. Circumsized my whole life. They are located on the shaft where it meets the head on the underside. There are only a few bumbs, 4-5. When I am flacid they are unnoticable unless I stretch out the skin. It is very loose there. When I am erect you can feel them and see them. Embaressing obviously. I have had them for a long time. Enough to not remember when I first noticed them. Im sure not my whole life but it has to have been years. They do not hurt. They do not change. I dont get more of them, or less of them. I have looked at a thousand pictures of STD's etc. They do not look like anything I have seen. There is a condition that covers the crown of the head called ppp, or something like that. It resembles those a bit, but not in a circle surrounding anything. Just a few placed with out pattern. Of course I should go into the clinic but I can really go to one, and I would not say it is confidential. They are not collyflower looking like warts, or ulcers like herpes. I just want to be able to explain these if needed. My girl asked me once and my only explantion was "Ive had em forever" Not an exceptable explanation for me.

What will help me get a full erection and hold that erection?

I am 45 years old. I take Bystolic 5mgs. I had been masturbating almost daily and sometimes more than once a day. i stopped all masturbating to climax 3 weeks ago. I have been trying Kegels for a couple of weeks. I have also tried masturbating but not to completion in order to get it erect. but within minutes after i stop pleasing myself, it goes flaccid. yet when I wake up in the morning many times my penis is stiff and the erection remains for a while- minutes. I am going to have sex in a few days, i want to be fully erect and keep it and not come to climax so quickly. So what will help? Are there any OTC Herbs, supplements, oils or meds that will help?

blood in sperm


What would cause my husband to have a white anal discharge?

My husband recently told me that he likes recieving anal sex and has thought about bringing another man to the bed. I'm a bit shaken by it. He never showed any bisexual tendencies before. The other night he wanted me to do some role reversal and do him with my vibrator. He was ass in the air while asking. There was a white discharge around and coming from his anus. I have been wondering if he is having an affair with another man. Now I am definatly wondering. Is this another mans cum from the night before or is there a medical reason for this?

How can I help my boyfriend deal with his erectile dysfunciton? It's been a year since we've had sex

My bf and I have been together for 2 years. I'm 30 and he's 45. A year ago, he started having erectile issues. At first, he couldn't maintain an erection and no he can't get one at all. It's been very difficult and I think I've done everything wrong I possibly could. At first, I pulled away because I thought it was me. Then, I tried buying sexier clothes and planning spontaneous surprises (like answering the door in nothing) when he came over. We talk about it, but it is so hard not to get emotional. It's hard not to think that he isn't attracted to me and that he doesn't want me. He tells me I'm beautiful and that he thinks about it all the time. He even says he dreams about having sex with me. He recently told me that he misses being intimate with me. It's so hard to love someone and want to be intimate with them and feeling like they don't want you. Every other aspect of our relationship is wonderful. We communicate really well. We have fun and enjoy eachother...our children get along...but this is starting to take a toll. I don't know what to do. He hasn't gone to a doctor. I don't know what to do.