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The girl im dating said she has Bacterial Infection. I know i have been faith full. Am i at risk of catching this disease can i get can test

Can i go to the near by health department to get tested?

Its losing sperm from my penis without erect.specially when i go to toilet.what could be the reason for it?

Can blowjob is the reason for it?i am at 23yrs. And still vergine.

Is it true that frequent sex and ejaculation affect a man's eye sight in future

In my locality many randy men do go blind so many suggested it's bcos of their frequent sex with women that caused it

urinary tract infection?

hi i am 23 i was having nocturnal emission since 4 years at an average of 5 times a week. i recently went to oa doctor when this got more annoying.he has given me depsonil 25 at bedtime n some anti biotics. night discharged has stopped but now since two days i am noticing white thick sticky substance that i pass with urine.. it looks like dead sperms or something it sticks to the pot n doesnt go off even after flushing it twice..i touched it it very thick n white. it pains after it comes out, i can feel it moving out through the penis involuntarily it gives me burning sensation n causes pain post urination. i have a back pain n feel vomiting also.. i earlier used to have lot of abdominal pains. for which i did a CECT abdn with oral contrast that was normal. my usg is normal too.. i have lost all sexual urge also. what could be it ?

My husband has erectile dysfunction

We are married since 2 yrs. He didn't bother to have sex since beginning. One month when I asked him, he said he doesn't get into mood if the home is packed with unpacked stuff( we moved in Feb)in March, when asked, he said I cook very tasty food nd he eats so much that he can't get into mood. In April he asked why do I keep getting thoughts about sex. I told let's go to a doctor, he refused but after much coaxing he agreed. So had been to 2 urologist in 6 month span. Testosterone test with first urologist was 238 nd he said it was low as normal is 350 to 1100. But as my husband is not that old we should expect somewhere btw 600. 2nd test showed 408 but prolactin was lower then. They suspected some pituitary tumor nd ordered for brain MRI but it was normal. I'm 30 yrs old now. Everyone say I'm pretty. I'm educated. I look after him very well. But from start he had been lying about our finances nd he said I have nothing to do with his money nd he alone has right over it nd would give only to his mother nd brother. I didn't tell home not to give. I only told him to be truthful to me nd as our sexual life was nil, I told him to improve, which he didn't. In this span of 2 yrs we had propably less than 15 times. He did try sometimes but erectile dysfunction. Now one more shocking news for you is that he is a doctor. I don't know if he kind of has psychiatric problem or hormone. Unless provoked he doesn't start a conversation with friends.

i have ED symptoms and dont insuranse,how to go doctor.Speak russian.

2mounts don't have sex

how do you cure chronic epiditimitis

I w as diagnosed 9 months. Ago still have paid

If i masturbate too much will I stop getting an erection?

I have masturbated a lot and I am getting scared now.

my penis foreskin is not etracted plz tell me about this

my penis problem

My fiance can never last longer than 5 minutes during sex, what's going on?

For over a year now everytime my fiance and I have intercourse it never lasts longer than 5 minutes. He orgasms and then goes soft and it's over. There have also been instances when we are having foreplay and right when I warmed up and ready to have sex his erection goes down and we never get to even have sex. He seldomly wants to have sex either. The only times he really seems interested in intercourse is if he's been out and comes home buzzed up or if he's under the influence of marajuana. It's so frustrating because I am a very sexual person and would like to have more intimacy with him, and more intimacy that lasts longer than 5 minutes. I'm tired of timing our sex and it's almost hard to even look forward to it because it's just not enough time for me to even climax. I'm concerned this may be an underlying health issue but anytime I bring it up he gets very upset and feels like I just have too high of expectations for our sex life. How can I get him to see this isn't healthy and get him to go to the doctor without offending him? He's almost 30 and not in the best health, I'm concerned these may be the side effects of a bigger problem. I want our sex life back.