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Can precum get my wife pregnant

Had sex 2 or 3 hours before that

Condoms don't work? Do condoms have a numbing effect? Might ultra sensitive condoms help? Does my excessive foreskin affect condom use?

Hi, sorry my question is pretty speicifc. So I'm 20 years old and a virgin, my girlfriend is not. We live half a country away from each other. About a month ago she came to visit me for the first time after school and we tried to have sex and it seemed like the condom completely zapped my erection. We went through 3 or 4 condoms like this and every time we put it on, my erection completely failed. The last time we were able to trick it into staying hard long enough to get inside of her. Once I was inside her I could not feel anything and my erection failed a few seconds later. I'm pretty sure it was this lack of sensation and maybe I'm just not used to condoms? Previous experimentation with condoms yielded similar results. Also I'm just wondering what my problem is. Condoms seem to work for pretty much everybody else, so maybe I just need to get a different type of condom? I'm in great shape, I'm pretty confident and I only have a little anxiety about it being my first time, I'm more annoyed and frustrated than anything. Also I don't think it's caused by the gap of sexual activity of putting the condom on since she put the condom on me and I thought it was pretty sexy. My penis is kind of an oddity, it's 8in long and 5.25in around, but I don't think that's big enough to require a larger condom. The strange part is that it's uncircumcised and I have enough foreskin that It covers my penis completely while erect. Also I masturbate daily/multiple times a day and I usually masturbate with the foreskin covering the penis, however when we were attempting sex, it was after 2 or 3 days of heavy petting/touching and kissing with no ejaculation so I don't think it was caused by excessive masturbation. She pulled back my foreskin when putting the condom on and I noticed that when I masturbate with the foreskin pulled back it takes much longer to cum. My girlfriend is usually on the pill and she's planning on going back on it soon, so we were planning on simply not using a condom and I'm pretty sure we would be fine, BUT she's coming up and staying with me for about a week in a few days and she's still not on the pill. Also this is the last time I'll see her for several months due to travel. I was considering buying some ultra sensitive condoms and seeing if they might work. I read somewhere that some condoms may have some chemical in the lube that numbs the penis so that men can last longer but I also read that that is just a myth. If this is true, that chemical combined with my whole foreskin situation and the natural decreased sensation of condoms may be my problem. The actual condom I've been using is a generic one from school, LifeStyles assorted colors, which I can't find on the LifeStyles website, but that's all it says on the condom. I'm pretty positive the problem has something to do with sensation because for the few seconds I was inside of her I couldn't feel anything and I wouldn't say it felt particularly good, and sex is supposed to feel good right? :( I'm just frustrated and I want to share this experience with my girlfriend but I'm sorry for her that she has to deal with this. Please help :<

Am i going to erectical dysfunction?

i take harpagin coz my uric acid is 8 ml then my PB became between 135/85 to 160/100 and Tacycardia 120 per minute n i refused to take any medicine for it.This condition started 2 years ago.i think hypertension n its drugs when i take it will lead to erec. Dysfunction

Why doesn't my girlfriend ever want to be intimate with me or have sex

We waited two months to have sex and then when we started having sex it was like once a week and it was only for like 10 mins. We never went multiple times or all night. We have only been together for 10 months and within those months we have gone 2 months with out having sex. We don't even make out. I want so bad to just make out with her and it turn into sex . But I always have to ask. We are both 26 . She tells me she is happy and in love with me and wants to marry me but I can't imagine that if she is never intimate with me. She won't do anything she just lays there she doesnt touch my body we have never done anything crazy. She won't take showers with me nothing. I keep thinking its me and she tells me it isn't but what is it. I try everything.

I am too much depressed and can not sleep at all...because of masturbation and Enlarged prostate?

I am 27 and I am so much depressed that I can not sleep at all because I have been consistantly doing masturbation. My prostate has enlarged and my nervous system does not respond. Neither I feel happy nor I feel emotional...Total damage of nervous system...Can not sleep at all....I am edicted to bad habbit of watching Nude movies, pictures etc.....I know the root cause but I really can not sleep well...I think if I sleep properly,I may over come this problem but I can not sleep at all despite lot of efforts? Also help me to get rid of bad habbit of masturbation.....(enlarged prostate from last 5 Years

Is pornography normal?

Hello, I'm sure I shouldnt be worried but i cant stop thinking about it. I accidentlly came across some pornography websites on my boyfriends phone. I was using his phone to browse the internet and saw the history. Total accident but i saw it. We do not live together. We stay togetehr 4 nights a week. and the other 3 days when we are not together, it seems he is watching pornography in the morning every day, and at night. Is this normal? We have a great sex life, so I'm wondering why he does it. We are moving in together soon, so I'm hoping once we do this will stop or at least slow down. Please help! I dont know what to do. I also dont want to embarass him hence why I have not brought it up.

Iam 21 and i have enlarged prostate

Hi in a CT scan my prostate appeared to be enlarged. This is weird to me because i am only 21 years old and enlarged prostate had been usually seen on aged man. I usually masturbate a lot, every day, until i saw these results, and i want to know if it could have any relationship. Any response would be apreciated. Thanks.

Reasoning behind bad odored semen?

My boyfriends semen is really strong smelled. If I stroke his penis and he pre-cums or cums his semen has a strong bad smell kind of fishy or like a sweaty private part even after a shower. Could it be due to some kind of unbalance, some thing he is eating? Or is that perfectly normal?

i never have felt any pleasure from a wank or masturbation

im male and i have never had pleasure from anything is there something wrong with me? i mean nothing at all not even for my first time i ever had sex am i never going to feel pleasure :(

Hw can I satisfy my woman,i have small penis with 1 testicles and I ejaculated quickly.

If there are sexual position that will improve me longer on bed pls let me know. And I dont want to release on time.