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One of my testicles almost moves into my body during orgasm and then returns to position. Is this normal?

Age: 25 years Have been masturbating for 10-12 years. Of late I usually end up ejaculating 2-3 times during a session i.e. I masturbate three times in a go. Earlier I used to do it one just once in one go. I've taken gaps of two weeks or so before, but in August I stopped masturbating altogether for a month. That's when this problem came up. My sperm shoots out fine, the volume is good and the colour is normal. My testicles look normal, but they might generally be closer to my body than usual - or else I'm just imagining things.

sir i am suffering from mastruibate for 10 year and now i feel very week due to this dieseas so plz give me right solution for this thank yo

Sir i am 23 yrs old and i am doing masturbate from when i was 15 yrs old. Now i am feeling very tired and very week my penis is also band so i am worry about my marriage so give me right solution thanks a lot regards, Hitesh singh


prior i had a rip in the head of my penis during intercourse

what is the best fruits for sexual health in men?

I read that dark fruit like blueberries and raspberries is good for that. I am trying to keep myself healthy for my fiancee and wanted to make sure.

when i have sex i only last about 10 minutes and i ejaculate and loose my erection, what could be the problem.

I have been married for 5 years and we used to have great sex. Lately that has changed, i smoke and exercise. I want to have that sexual drive i used to have. Even when i get an erection it just last for short while and i loose it. I'm 39 years and i feel that i should be in sexual prime.

how long does sperm live when it is exposed too air? and can you get pregnant from dry precum on your fingers?

is there anyway you could get pregnant from dry precum on your hands and someone puts it in your vagina? how long does sperm live outside of the body? and does precum contain sperm cells?

I am suffering Erectile Dysfunction and my length is real concern

How can I cure and sort length issues.It jut under 4 incheases.I use to masterbute alot in my childhood can that be reason of Erectile Dysfunction?

What are the sexual responses for both females and males?


how can i increase my penis?

my penis is small about 4.9inch(full eraction)i"m 18 years old& fat boy

I m worried about my sex life I am losing timing.

i want tell u that i have 3 kids.11 years of marriage plz help me & give medicinen which are available in Pakistan