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Man Up Monday trial campaign seeks to double STD testing of young men

The Monday Campaigns (TMC), a nonprofit initiative backed by public health schools, has become famous for its healthy living ideas like Meatless Mondays, The Kids Cook Monday and other events that encourage individuals to stop and take stock of their overall health. With the success of these campaigns, TMC recently partnered with the Columbia Mailman School of Health and the Harlem Health Center to bring the Man Up Monday idea nationwide. The program initially had success at Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia (PPSEV) - the facility offered half-price testing on Mondays and saw a 200 percent increase in visitors.

"Why Monday? Johns Hopkins and our organization's research show that people view Monday as a day for a fresh start. They're more likely to diet, exercise, quit smoking and schedule doctor's appointments. They're looking for help in setting and carrying out their healthy intentions for the week," said Sid Lerner, founder and chairman of The Monday Campaigns.

During the upcoming annual meeting of the American Public Health Association in San Francisco, public health organizations like TMC will discuss how to put the Man Up Monday campaign into action to help educate men about the importance of condom use and regular check-ups for sexually transmitted diseases.

As a means of getting the word out about Man Up Monday, TMC and other health organizations are rolling out a variety of promotional materials to spread awareness. One of the more shocking images associated with the campaign is that of a pair of boxer shorts which feature a fire flame emblazoned on the groin area. The photo is accompanied by the question "Hot Weekend?"

The Man Up Monday initiative may just play an important role in reducing STD rates among young men and inspiring some of these individuals to take a closer look at their lifestyles.