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Low libido

Low libido or low desire is frequently associated with low testosterone levels, also known as "Low T". The symptoms of low testosterone include a decrease in sex drive, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, loss of energy, moodiness and trouble sleeping. The good news? Many men who experience symptoms see a benefit from treatment.

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My libido is lower than normal…what gives?
Thanks for sharing your situation with us. First, you're not alone…many men have the same concern about quickly losing interest and not being able to keep their erections. Low …
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What can I take for a low libido?
Thank you for your question... I'll do my best to help. But first, when it comes to sex, keep in mind that what's "normal" or "average" isn't an exact science. The more…
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Why isn't my husband ever interested in sex?
Thank you for your question. I can certainly understand your frustration, and I'm happy to offer you a few thoughts for your consideration. A low libido (or low sex drive) can …
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