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Could my girlfriend be pregnant?

Today my girlfriend and I were fooling around and I stuck the tip of my penis inside of her. I had ejaculated earlier in the day but I believe any existing semen that remained on had dried up (I've been told the sperm is dead at this point). I put my penis into her shortly after achieving erection so I'm not sure whether or not pre-ejaculate had come out yet. I know for a fact though that I did not ejaculate though. I told her it was a bad idea so we stopped. She told me shortly after that she had finished her period about a week ago which leads me to believe she will be ovulating soon or is currently ovulating. Are the chances high that she is pregnant? I'm scared to death.

What does it mean to "give head"?

My boyfriend asked me to do it.

when a guy is bisexual and wants to try anal is it because he prefers a guy over a girl?

my boyfriend is bisexual and asked if i would try anal sex. i turned him down but felt bad thinking that maybe he just wanted to express the gay side a little more.

How fragile are sperms? Is it possible to become pregnant with your clothes on?


Am I a pervert?

Hi, I am from India from a traditional family, happily married with a kid. Since my teenage, I was having sexual attractions and fantasies, etc, which are normal to any healthy adult male. Of late, since about last 6 months, I am suffering from a peculiar problem. I like my wife to wear revealing dresses, especially low-back blouses. I was fond of the same since my adolescence. But since last about six months, I am having my wife wear such sexy attire. Also, I am taking pics of her and sharing with strangers. I am getting a sexual high by doing so. I feel really thrilled when they ask to show more and praise her beauty. After doing this, I am feeling guilty for a while but after some time this 'syndrome' reappears. I am beginning to worry where this will lead to and how it will affect my life, career, family and kid. Please help me come out of this situation.

Can One Become Pregnant If Semen Gets On Yours Clothes ?

Me and my boyfriend were kinda just making out and stuff and I guess he got a bit t000 excited ... And it aparently g0t onto my shorts (he had on his jockey and pants. And I had on panties and shorts) .... I'm really worried if I could get pregnant like this ! ..... I'm kinda extremely worried .. S0 can someone please give me an helpful answer !! **

Can Pre Cum cause a Pregnacy

So, my girlfriend and i had unprotected sex the other night. We had been fooling around for awhile. I never ejaculated that night. She isn't on birth control. Is there a possibility that she could have gotten pregnant?

burning sensation

I have a boyfriend who i suspect is cheating on me. He keeps a rolled up mat in his van. The day before yesterday we had sex and it was great until right after, I was sore, and have a kind of itchy, tender, rash on my vagina. The lips inside and around the outside. I know we already have herpes, and I take a prescription for that. But this feels different. I am wondering, did he have sex with someone else before me, and maybe used a condom. If he didn't wash and the latex is still on him and he put it in me and it irritated my skin down there. I'm sure I sound paranoid, but I saw that mat unrolled and tossed in the back of the van and it is usually rolled up and tucked away in a window. thanks for listening

Why can't my boyfriend maintain an erection?

I am 25 and I recently started dating a 33 year old guy. He will intiate intimacy but when I touch him he rarely ever feels hard. I thought it was just stage fright but it's still happening even after we've had sex. He eats healthy, exercises all the time, isn't overweight and doesn't smoke. He tells me it has nothing to do with me but I can't help but wonder if he's not telling me something. On the rare occassion he actually does have an erection, he loses it by the time we got to the condom or even by the time we just switch positions. This is so frustrating and I am beginning to run out of patience. What is really strange to me is that he still has the ability to orgasm even without an erection. I don't think he wants to go do a doctor because he's still relatively young, what is happening here?

can you get pregnant if there is dry out sperm on the penis and if you have contact with the vagina